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NEWS 11th Anniversary Celebration - Singapore Paanas



We had a hard time deciding what to do! We bowled during ShigeMassu's birthday bash (which I didn't blog about, sorry!), we ate pancakes during Koyama's birthday bash (which I also didn't blog about ;_;) and we also kicked a ball and painted during Tegoshi's birthday bash (which I also didn't write about, orz), so what else was left?! I suggested eating sushi since Koyama had such a hard time there during their reward holiday! XD Awww, poor leader!!

We all met up at Hei Sushi (by Sakae Sushi) in Bedok Point at 11:30am! I was late, sorry! However, our timings were so good that four of the members managed to meet up at the MRT station! Among us, was a girl who came all the way down from JB! Exciting to have more people joining us! The HSJ sisters joined us later~

Since it's an anniversary, it's like a birthday party, right?! So, I made some cookies for everyone yesterday!! XD

D-chan also prepared door gifts for us! A shop photo of NEWS for each of us!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! I love this one, lol! Coz Tegoshi was laughing out super widely!! Yes, I like this kinda photos!! XD

What's this?! Instead of Jenga, which NEWS had in the sushi shop that they visited on their reward holiday in the NEWS 10th DVD, we had cards!!

We first started with playing the game! YT-chan was our game master and she made a deck of such cards! We played Janken and decided the order in which we could pick a card.........which contains a sushi name or a surprise!

Photo taken by D-chan

Photo taken by Z-chan

Photo taken by Z-chan

We picked three cards each in the end and had lots of fun! Thankz, YT-chan!

Actually, I picked Ebiko, but I'm allergic so YT-chan exchanged hers with mine! Arigatou!!

Corn Gunkan

Tamago Mayo Gunkan ♥️

After finishing the sushi that we picked, it's time to order whatever we like! XD

Unagi!! ♥️ Sorry for the blur photo! It's very far from me, lol! XD


Yanagawa Katsu

Cheese Katsu

It was a very enjoyable lunch! It's always fun to hang out with fellow Paanas! We chatted and laughed lots, haha~~ ♥️

Next, we walked back to Bedok Mall and went into Swenson's! The younger Paanas ordered a large ice-cream to share~! How in the world does a spicy-coconut-flavoured ice-cream taste like?! Lol! Q-chan told me that it's tingling but not very nice. Oopz, Swenson's!

We had lotsa fun chatting and laughing there as well! We bid each other farewell at around 4+pm! Thankz everyone for the wonderful lunch! Keeping the NEWS love strong! XD

Yessss, finally, after 5 months of keeping my うーちゃん in the plastic bag, I released it today for the special occasion! XD

I love NEWS forever!

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