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Nishikido Ryo Jweb ♥ 4.9.2014 ♥ 関ジャニ戦隊∞レンジャー錦戸亮

∞(エイト)レンジャー 錦戸亮
4.9.14 1601h

Kyou wa dorama no hon yomi shite mashita!!!


I read the book of the drama!!!
I'll work hard!!!

Yeah! Autumn drama in October, "Gomenne Seishun!", will star Ryo-chan!! The heroine is the one currently in "Wakamonotachi 2014" this season! Shigeoka from Johnny's West will also be in this drama.

We are guaranteed to have posts with more words whenever Ryo-chan has drama or movie to promote, lol! XD

Ganbatte ne!

Credit is on the picture.

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