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Tegoshi Yuya 手越祐也 NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥140- 10.9.2014



Hello I'm Tegoshi Yuya!
The season which is easy to spend time in is here—! I will be even more rigorous in exercising—.
Everyone, too, exercise regularly and get a nice body

The theme is ki.
"Kingukazu-san / Miura Kazuyoshi". "Ki—surinku / Stefan Kießling". "Kinmokusei / Fragrant olive". "Kirakira / Sparkly".

"Kimochi/Feelings". I'll go with that. In other words, it's mentality.

I have self-confidence that's double of others. Me.
Adversity. Injuries. Fatigue.
Sheer will can win these. Nothing else—!!
When it's painful or difficult, I always say to myself, "Stop being depressed just because of this kind of small things and keep saying 'it's difficult it's difficult', you spoilt child!"

The competitive me will be motivated and be able to break through my limits ♪
Please use this as reference when you are having difficult times,
Though this is just the way I do it. (^^)


-- "Miura Kazuyoshi" is currently the oldest footballer! Apparently, he's quite famous and I think that's why he can have the nickname of "King Kazu".

-- "Stefan Kießling" is a German footballer! Soccer is Tegoshi's life. Every time when he's thinking of a new theme, footballers' names will appear. LOL~! XD

Nice theme! Mentality! Yes, a lot of times, it depends on our mentality and attitude. Some would even go so far as to say that attitude decides everything in your life. If you can't change the situation you are in right now, change your thinking and your attitude towards it. Against something you can't change, the only thing you can change is yourself.

I really miss Tegoshi a lot.. ;_;!

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