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Masuda Takahisa 増田貴久 NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥144- 8.10.2014



Good evening—!

Today is an off day for the stage play
I woke up in the morning and did lots of things—!
As a result, I'm sorry for being late

The stage play
I feel the thoughtfulness and kindness of people who came to watch it! I'm happy that you can feel the entirety of the stage play, "Friend"

I'm happy. I'm relieved.

I'm grateful for being able to do acting here !

Really thank you very much!

So, the theme this time is "ya"

"Ya da!/Dowan!"
"Ya, wa iya da!?/No, it's 'Don't want'!?"
"Yanaka shou ga!/Yanaka Ginger!"
"Yaochou!/Fixed game!"
"Yagai /Outdoors "

"Yakigyouza!/Fried dumplings!"

Saeki Chizu-san came to watch the stage play—!

I'm happy just for her to come, but it seemed like she even did some research beforehand! She brought gyoza for us!
A lot!

"You like gyoza, right!?"
She said. I'm so happy.

Everyone holds this kind of thoughts!

It's conveyed!
Thanks .

Stage play, 40 shows.
I will work hard on keeping the same body condition and same feelings!
( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Words written by scriptwriter, caster, Yokouchi-san. And the friendship of Yasuhara-san and Nakahara-san. I wish to convey those with sincerity!

Ah, I was able to make the mug for the Goods of the stage play!

I was particular about the size, the colour and the shape
I also drew!

It includes my gratitude towards all the co-actors!

For your whole day,
I wish you happiness that fills the cup
It included that thought!

Please check it out



-- "Goods" was written in English!

-- "Yanaka shou ga" is a kind of ginger that the Japanese uses for many dishes!

-- "Yacón" is a type of plant that belongs to the chrysanthemum family with fruits as roots. They are often mistaken as sweet potatoes.

-- "Yaizu" is a city located in Shizuoka with fishery as their main industry.

Have a good rest, Massu!! I'm sure the fangirls who went for Massu's stage play read books like this before going!! For the rest of us who are going to go for a stage play SOMEDAY, we should be prepared, too, because good manners come from within us and it all depends on what impression you want others to have of you! XD

I also found this magazine from May 2014 that I bought when I was in Japan! I think that it's a must-have if you are a Massu fan! I bought it even though I'm a Tegoshi fan, haha! XD

Also, sometimes our boys write in a cryptic way that I don't really understand and can't really translate properly. If it's mostly in Hiragana / Katakana / simple kanji, I'll type them out for you to decipher it yourself, XD haha~ Here's a book that may be of help to you!! Especially if you plan to go Japan someday, some basic Japanese sentence-constructing skill is very essential! You not only have to know how to ask questions, you have to be able to understand the answers too, right? XD

Let's wish Massu a smooth and successful period of "Friend"!!

Oh, and that gift of flowers is lovely, the-rest-of-NEWS!! XD


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