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Nishikido Ryo Jweb ♥ 16.10.2014 ♥ 関ジャニ戦隊∞レンジャー錦戸亮


Minasan, Gomenne Seishun! daiikka mitemoraemashita ka ne?
Kudokan warudo sakuretsu yatta to omoundesu ga, ikaga deshita ka?
Satsuei wa junchou desu!!
Tada motto minna mite!!!
An na ni omoshiroi no ni tte omoimasu!!
Maa boku wa shi ni monogurui de ganbarimasu!!


Everyone, have you watched the first episode of Gomenne Seishun!?
It's overflowing with Kudo Kankuro World but what do you think?
Filming is going on smoothly!!
But please watch more of it!!!
I think it's very interesting!!
Well, I will desperately work my hardest!!

∞(エイト)レンジャー 錦戸亮 16.10.14 1235h

Hahaha, Ryo's so cute!!!!!! <- I think I write this every post.. orz Haha.. He used exclamation marks for all of his sentences! Lol!! So funny~! ♥ Well, what do I think of it? I think that it's great! It's got all kinds of emotions just in the first episode!! Ryo's character has, once again, "suke" in his name! He is Heisuke but his nickname read backwards is "Sukebe" which means dirty fellow (in the mind ^_~), lol!! He's a friendly teacher who talks to students like friends and will look a bit timid when stronger people are against him, lol! By the way, I also talk to my students like friends, though they're 10years old and below, lol! XD Stronger people in the shows at first are people like Heisuke's dad, the girl's school teacher Hachiya, and Heisuke's best friend~ It's a very good drama!! It feels full and complete!! I don't want to compare but Jigoku Sensei Nu~be~ is really not on the same level, it feels weaker. But as long as Maru is there, be prepared to laugh out loud a lot of times, lol!

Though this is non-Johnny's, I watched Nobunaga Concerto episode 1 today with my mum! We love it!

I'm also watching almost all the Autumn season drama!

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