Monday, 31 August 2009 @ 20:41

Buzzer Beat Episode 8!!

Riko and Naoki are talking on the phone when I tuned in 40minutes late.


She excitedly looks at the French Toast recipe~~

After talking to his mom, Naoki receives a sms from Natsuki.

She has a face of worry and anticipation..

Riko goes shopping for the ingredients.

It rains heavily and Natsuki has to go home alone without umbrella.

Riko prepares a bento.

Walking in the rain, Naoki asks Natsuki what's wrong.

Riko goes to wait for Naoki in her park in the super big rain.

Naoki offers Natsuki his umbrella. Natsuki asks him something.

"We aren't friends or lovers but we are comrades."

Natsuki sneezes and Naoki puts a towel on her. She pushes it back to him and says, "Don't do this kinda thing, to the woman whom you just broke up with"

He leaves and Natsuki runs to hug him from behind.

Riko continues to wait for Naoki in the super big rain and tries to call him.

**********End of episode 8*********

So what does that gesture from Naoki at the end mean?!!?!? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't be an idiot!!!!!!!!!! XD

I wanna watch the next episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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