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CLUB∞ Diary 1.11.10 Monday #2

1.11 Monday #2

From then on, I also found other albums, it's very nostalgic. Just at this moment, I have one photo in hand. Taken the first time I was placed in "House of Children".
I remember it clearly even till now. 3 days after my 5 years old birthday, I lost my family to an accident.
Due to the weak relationship that we had with our relatives, no one came for me, and with no other choice, I was placed in the orphanage.

I just entered, and I was still too shocked from the accident, I didn't feel like talking to anybody.
At that time, there was a boy, in the orphange who was called Jacky, who persistantly talked to me.
He was really noisy, but I was happy in my heart. Ore mo hitori tsubbatteta kara, aitsu ga 気ぃ使て hanashi kakete kure no ni, I kept ignoring him.

I was really envious. He is good at talking since young, and was the center of attention among everyone. But I was so far away from everyone......., I wonder if you know......, that kind of times, if I were to say I'm regretting something, it's my inability to be straightforward.
Because you are everyone's popular figure, sou yatte sense of justice, putte ore ni hanashi kaketen no yarotte.......
I also, really couldn't be straightforward.
I kept escaping using the accident as the reason. So, that was something I took for granted when I was a kid.

Well, even though I ignored him this way and that way everyday, he still talked to me.

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At that kind of time, I had my precious Elder Sister's doll being snatched away from me by some seniors. They said, "What's a boy doing holding on to a girl's thing?"
It was really cruel. Because they were older than me by 1 or 2 years old, I have no strength to defend myself, I couldn't do anything.
At that time, Jacky suddenly bit the seniors.
Flowing words, with his bites. It was a refreshingly happy feeling! He bit them at their wrists, and snatched my doll back for me.
Speaking of which, even though Toppo saw this from somewhere hidden, he didn't do anything.
Ato de dotsuitaro.

Even though it was good of him to snatch my doll back for me, it wasn't like it ended just like that, from then on, the seniors beat us into pulp.
But I didn't let go of my doll.
It held the memories of my sister, and my feelings towards Jacky. Even though we were beaten and beaten, we stood up, and from then on, I ended up next to him forever. Soon, the seniors got scared, and ran away in the end. Then, after that, the teachers came......, it was Toppo who called for them.

And so, donaishi yo kana, Toppo wo dotsuku beki ka dou ka. But he is a boy too, and was Jacky's comrade, he should have gotten beaten up along with us. Seyana, yappari ato de dotsuitaro.

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In a long time, once I ramble on about the memories,
it's already this time.
It's about time to open the shop,
I will continue this next time.

You can view the original Japanese words HERE!!

I'm sorry for doing a lousy translation! Those that I have no idea were typed in Italics.. Sorry!!!!!!!!!! m(_ _)m

I played the darts again~~~ Scored 210, haha~ My highest is 232! XD

And yes, the mystery writer is revealed!! It's Mac!! XD As expected!! LOL~!

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