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NEWS DOME PARTY 2010 LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! DVD! [DVD] 2010.12.22 Release!!

2010.12.22 Release

:JEBN-0104~106 Limited Edition
¥6,600(tax in)
※スペシャルパッケージ(三方背ケース入り)48Pブックレット Special Package (3-sided casing) 48-pages booklet
※初回限定盤のみ映像特典(ツアードキュメンタリー)収録 Limited Edition-only Special Footage (Tour Documentary)

■通常盤(2枚組):JEBN-0107/8 Normal Edition
¥5,900(tax in)
※四つ折り投込み封入 -something- with 4 folded sides

初回限定盤収録内容 Limited Edition contents

(リニアPCM / APPROX.79min.) [Disc1] (Linear PCM/Estimated duration: 79minutes)
OVERTURE / 恋のABO / weeeek / さくらガール /
SUMMER TIME / 紅く燃ゆる太陽 / 星をめざして /
Dancin' in the Secret / MC / 僕のシンデレラ /
夜は星をながめておくれ / 言いたいだけ /
エンドレス・サマー / サヤエンドウ / 太陽のナミダ / 秋の空 /
生まれし君へ / BE FUNKY! / LIVE

VERTURE / Koi no ABO / weeeek / Sakura Girl /
SUMMER TIME / Akaku Moyuru Taiyou / Hoshi wo Mezashite /
Dancin' in the Secret / MC / Boku no Cinderella /
Yoru wa Hoshi wo Nagamete Okure / Iitai Dake /
Endless・Summer / Sayaendou / Taiyou no Namida / Aki no Sora /
Umareshi Kimi e / BE FUNKY! / LIVE

[DISC2](リニアPCM / APPROX.71min.) [Disc2] (Linear PCM/Estimated duration: 71minutes)
code / 内容の無い手紙 / Happy Birthday / NEWSニッポン /
チェリッシュ / One in a million / Forever / SNOW EXPRESS /
ワンダーランド / TEPPEN / 希望~Yell~ / Share / D.T.F /
2人/130000000の奇跡 / 恋のABO / Fighting Man

code / Naiyou no Nai Tegami / Happy Birthday / NEWS Nippon /
Cherish / One in a million / Forever / SNOW EXPRESS /
Wonderland / TEPPEN / Kibou~Yell~ / Share / D.T.F /
Ichi oku san zen man bun no Futari no Kiseki / Koi no ABO / Fighting Man

[DISC3](APPROX.65min. / Dolby Digital) [Disc3] (Estimated duration: 65minutes/Dolby Digital)
9/25-28 TOKYO DOME

通常盤収録内容 Normal Edition contents

初回限定盤[DISC1]、[DISC2]共通 Same as the Limited Edition for [Disc1] and [Disc2]
※[DISC2](リニアPCM / APPROX.73min.) [Disc2] (Linear PCM/Estimated duration: 73minutes)

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I'm buying it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I should add the unofficial photobook of Ryo too! LOL~ XD BANKRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG.. SO FAST?!?!!??! Usually we have to wait painfully for about half a year before they would throw out the LIVE concert DVD!! Why so fast this year?! o.O

Anyhow, it's great NEWS for NEWS fans!! XD

I LOVE documentaries!! AHAHA!! Can see the stupid things that they did, hahahaha!! ♥

I love NEWS!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥


showa-osaka said...

i was surprised see,my friend and i(who likes tegoshi as well.)usually comes to my house and watch NEWS concert dvd's whenever i recieved my ordered of now,we were expecting that it'll be release next year,so my friend keeps on urging me to relay my experience at the TOKYO DOME gazillion times already,and i was getting really tired but she really wanted to tell me even the tiniest details on what happened to the friend will be pleased now that the dvd is going to come out.
gonna do some translations for her again while watching the dvd.
i can proudly say that I WAS THERE!
09/27/2010 AND 09/28/2010

HaruLoku said...

OMG~~~~ they recorded those days too, omg omg omg.. how i wish i was there too!! T_T

have you pre-ordered yours? did you buy that Ryo photo book?

showa-osaka said...

i'm definetely going to order the NEWS Live dvd...but...i'm still torn between 8 Uppers and Nishikido Ryo unofficial photobook...

HaruLoku said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh yeah the 8UPPERS.......... OMG............. T_T i really love that movie..

but i'm so super super broke!! evil Johnny-san!! XD release everything at the same period! ah!! T_T

i have also decided to order the K8 live concert DVD once it's released next year, haha! XD so i have to save a lot of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o, so broke so broke.......... T_T