Sunday, 14 November 2010 @ 21:07

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 14.11.10

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
14.11.10 1357h

Okurete Gomennasai.

Soshite okurete gomennasai.
Boku wa mainichi wo tanoshin de ikiteimasu.

Minasan mo tanoshin de kudasai.

Yoi shuumatsu wo


Sorry for Being Late.

And sorry for being late.
I'm living happily everyday.

Everyone, too, please live happily.

Have a nice weekend

The thing is, dear Ryo, today is the end of the weekend. Haha~~ XD

ANYWAY, the point is, he actually wrote a title!! LOL~! He has NEVER WRITTEN a title before~ At least that's what I have seen so far! LOL! XD

And he used the ♥ icon, love it~ ♥ you too~ XD

I'm glad that he's enjoying every day of his life ^_^b

I'm quite enjoying my life everyday too, but if I were to add one more thing in my life to make it more complete, it'd be a boyfriend, haha.. So yeah, lol~ XD

Hope you enjoy your life too! xoxo


Anonymous said...

hi haru,

always appreciate your romanized and translated version of ryo-chan's entries ^^

just arrived at changi with singapore airlines and chonmage was showing!! I guess you guys at singapore will soon be able to watch it too ^^

HaruLoku said...

hi anon-san!

thankz for leaving me a message!! glad that you come here to read ^_^

wow, you just arrived in SG?! cool~! where are you from?

wow, SIA has Chonmage?! OMG!!!! I'm too poor to buy air tickets from SIA, lol~ XD

i really hope Chonmage will come here soooooooon~!!

i hope you enjoy your stay on our little island! be sure to visit Orchard Road, Sentosa and etc~

for Japanese stuff, just go to Daiso, haha! XD

also, Sunshine Plaza, near Dhoby Ghaut, is quite an Anime and manga paradise!!

Liang Court in Clarke Quay is "Little Japan"!! Be sure to visit ne! XD

♥, Haru

ika-chan said...

hi haru-san!

I only catched my connecting flight at changi and didn`t have enough days off to spend some days at your country TT

With your suggestions, I even feel more like I missed something TT

I need to make sure to visit SG properly one day ^^

By the way, now I am on my way back to Europe, and guess what?

SIA has now HANAMIZUKI ^^d

Thanks again for the entries~~


HaruLoku said...

hi ika-chan!

wow, you took the SIA! LOL~ even i have never taken the SIA before T_T

Hanamizuki? omg.. SO GOOD!! lucky you! ^_^

yes, you need to come here again!! lol!! next time, if i'm free, maybe i can show you around! XD


ika-chan said...

hi haru-san!

right now I feel very lucky ^^

(maybe it is soon airing in SG??
A nice way to end vacation~

but since I used up all my days off (and a lot of money too), it will take some time until I will be able travel again -.-`

But many thanks for the offer ^^; ♥

HaruLoku said...

hi ika-chan!

I dunno when Hanamizuki is gonna air here T_T!! it's always very late here.. T_T

wahaha~~ yeah, whenever you're ready!! I'm always here anyway! XD