Friday, 5 November 2010 @ 11:59

Yamashita Tomohisa no Nikki vol. 2464 5.11.10

山下智久の日记 vol. 2464

The 3rd was Ryo-chan's birthday!
So, a few days ago, we held a Birthday party!

It's a pity that Jin wasn't there though

It's great to have friends
That's what I think!

Even though sometimes I will feel that it's only natural to have friends
Must treasure friends(^O^)

-- "Birthday party" was typed in English.

I know, super long time since I last translated YamaP's jweb.. Sorry!! x.X

I only translate when he mentions Ryo ne.. I'm so biased!! LOL!! XD

YamaP's updates almost everyday, I'm not free to translate his Jweb.. T_T Sorry~

Anyway, I'm glad they held a party for Ryo! Hope they enjoyed themselves immensely!! ♥

★ Good night~! ♥


showa_osaka said...

sorry to say this but i'm SO EFFIN'GLAD to know that Jin wasn't able to attend Ryo's birthday party.

HaruLoku said...

lol, why do you hate him so much? XD

showa-osaka said...

i know you like the "kat-tun" (Jin as part of the band before.)
i hope this won't ruin our friendship but Jin is a male version of biatch.

HaruLoku said...

lol.. Well, i think Jin and Kame has some kind of a grudge against each other and so that kinds of splits up the group into 2 groups.. i always see 3-3 in the Making Ofs.. and during their variety show and inside the magazine shoots, they will NEVER be arranged together.. it makes me sad..

i know Jin displays it more on his face and behaviour.. maybe he has lower EQ..

i think i read somewhere.. he decided to stop being Bakanishi.. if i didn't remember wrongly..

o well, he likes to act cool so that's why more fans and girls would not like him..

and no worries ^_^ both my sisters hate Jin T_T HAHA

showa-osaka said...

indeed.I feel for Kame.
know what,in my interview in the embassy(when i am still going to get my japanese visa) my interviewer asked me;"what are you going to do in japan?"
i answered him(yes,a "he".)
"i'm going to watch the NEWS concert for 2 days."
he looked at me for a moment and he was like--
"NEWS?!I like KAT-TUN better!"
I stared at him blanky and I said.
"Sorry...don't like them."

HaruLoku said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! that's funny!! but i can understand why KAT-TUN has more male fans XD

but wow, haha~

ah, how i wish i can go Japan.. i will save money and hope that i can go next year..

btw, how did you get the tickets to see the concert, and even for two days?!

showa-osaka said...

i'm an JFC member,finally got hit for 2 tickets,one for the 27th and the finale...
but hey,i was browsing through the contents of the NEWS Live Dvd...something is missing...or am i wrong.i was writing the set of song while watching the come that after yamapi's one in a million perf, next perf was forever?
in my notes,it should be one in a million and then next was cherish?
it's rumored that they will put the tokyo dome finale show on the dvd and i was there...(at the finale.)
hmmm...guess i have to check my notes again?
and also the encore is supposed to be in this order.
But why am I reading different song encores?

HaruLoku said...

wow, you live in Japan?! that's so cool! where do you live?

eh? hmm maybe they changed the order of the songs while editing the DVDs? *shrugs* i dunno~

showa-osaka said...

I stay in Japan for 6 months,since my mom is a japanese...and i stay with my dad for another 6 months.In that arrangement.
about the concert,JE concerts usually last for 3 months but for NEWS,they only had 6 shows,one in Osaka and 4 in Tokyo.This is to put the others into consideration like,if you can't go on Monday,then you could go on Tuesday...It helps the fans to attend any of the concert days since it's either they can't go because of school or work,that's why they have 4 concert days in Tokyo.The songs sequence on those days are all the same,but it's up to the fans on how crazy they are for NEWS if they wanted to attend the 4 days concert.On my part,I watched it twice.
sOOOO Excited for the dvd!
And here's the peformance to watch for once you have the dvd on hand.

2.Code(the acoustic version)

3.Dancin in the Secret


Did I already tell you I'm excited?I did already?Sorry.hehehe.