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Nishikido Ryo's Kanjani Sentai Eito Ranger Jweb 26.12.13

∞(エイト)レンジャー 錦戸亮
25.12.13 1120h

Nishikido Ryo desu!

Ima "Kingu obu Otoko!" no PV satsuei chuu desu.
Minna kiteretsu na kakkou wo shiteimasu.

Aima de Kavakora no gita— renshuu wo shiteimasu.
Igai to jikan ga nakutte asetteru kedo mo, minasan ni tanoshii mono wo todokerareru youni gabarimasu.

Tsua— mo nokosu tokoro ato nikasho!!

Yoi rainen ni suru tameni, yoi kotoshi no shimekukuri ga dekitara ii na to omoimasu.

Sore dewa, kaze ni ki wo tsukete.



Good evening!
I'm Nishikido Ryo!

I'm in the middle of filming for the "King of Otoko" PV.
Everyone is wearing an incredibly weird costume.

During intervals, I'd practise the Kava Kora guitar.
Time is getting lesser unexpectedly and I'm panicking, but I will work hard in order to perform something enjoyable for everyone.

There are also only two places left for the tour!!

For the sake of a good next year, it'd be good if I can have a good round up of this year.

So, be careful and don't catch a cold.


-- "xoxo" was written as it is! Wow! This is.. Lol! He knows the meaning , RIGHT?! XD

It's morning, but why did he type Konbanwa?! XD Lol..

I wanna watch Kava Kora!! It aired on 6 Jan 2014! They congratulated Koyama LIVE!! OMG~~ I wanna watch!! XD

I miss seeing Ryo performing.. Like really performing.. Without the crazy Kanjani8 around.. Lol.. ;_;!!!!!!!!

I've never seen him in real life before.. ;_;!! How I wish he will open solo concert again, then I'll have a chance to see him!!!!!!!! ;_;!!!!!!


Wednesday, 25 December 2013 @ 17:32

NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥103- 加藤シゲアキ Kato Shigeaki 25.12.2013


Firstly, it's Merry Christmas. Just like the other years, I spent it watching TV and didn't do anything.

After Christmas ends, it's just waiting for the new year to come. Spring cleaning—

Thinking back, a lot of things happened this year too. We had tour, released an album.
Releasing Senkou Scramble was also in this year. It felt like ages ago...

To say which side this year is on, I'd say it's been a quiet year.
There is "wa/rin" (ring, wheel, loop, circle) a kanji in Japanese, but it's "ko" (individual) for me. *

2012 was the year in which we released a CD with the four of us for the first time, we had LIVEs, started being a regular on "Mirai Theatre" and a radio show, and beyond all that, I debuted as a novelist.
Somehow, it was a sparkling year. Stepping from that, this year, I had the impression that we are strengthening each of those. It's like we started on continuing to level up our skills.

Continuing is more difficult than starting.

By the way, it rained this year and the ground "hardened", right. ...Didn't talk much about that though Laughs

I'm grateful to everyone from the bottom of my heart for the fact that you looked after us. It's all thanks to the fans that we're progressing forward.

so, 2014. How should I go about it.
Firstly, I'm going to do my best in "Shitsuren Chocolatier". Monday 9pm, it's because it's a drama led by my senpai! I can't become the one to drag it down, can I!
I read the original work, it's a character that I really like, so I'm happy that I'm able to play him. In any case, I will make it a charismatic character, so please absolutely watch it!
We haven't started filming it, but we've already been on many programmes for promotion. Those are the programmes that I've never been on so everyday is enjoyable. Fulfilling!

This year's regret is that I couldn't do much acting, so it'd be good if I can do a lot of it next year.

In other words, the Kato Shigeaki in 2014 will run at full speed, so please follow me, everyone!
I will have lots of surprises for you!

So! Thanks for taking care of me this year too! Have a great year!

-- * Perhaps he's trying to say.. What people usually say about a year is like a loop, a round. But for him, it's one year by one year and each year is different..?

Sasuga Shige-sensei. Always say different words and have different views. Haha~~

So happy for Shige-sensei because he's coming out with a third book!! 2014 March 24th!! "Burn"!! So exciting!! I'm so gonna buy it when I go to Japan in April!! XD

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 19 December 2013 @ 23:00

Nishikido Ryo's Kanjani Sentai Eito Ranger Jweb 19.12.13

∞(エイト)レンジャー 錦戸亮
19.12.13 1411h

Nishikido desu!!
Dorama mo owari ittan otoshimashita.
Tsua— ya kouhaku, kavakora, dotou no nenmatsunenshi ni tatakai wo idomitai to omoimasu!!


I'm Nishikido!!
Drama also ended for now.
Tour and, Kouhaku, Kava Kora, I will take on the challenge of the surging wave of end-of-year programmes!!

Yorozu was a really good drama!! I love it so much!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥

Now, it's Dakishimetai!! OMG!! I wanna watch!!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013 @ 19:00

NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥102- 手越祐也 Tegoshi Yuya 18.12.2013


Hello— it's Tegoshi Yuya ♪
Right now, I'm writing in the 3am Nitere.
It's going to be live broad cast from here!

My day and night lifestyle has been reversed recently though Laughs
But I do preparations for Tegomass' tour in the day, so I guess it's not reversed after all!

The average amount of sleep I get is 2 hours so I wonder if I can evolve into a human being who can continue to not sleep? Laughs
If I become like this, it would be great coz I could have gotten more things done—♪

The theme this time is gi?
Diffi. The theme being a word game is troublesome—Laughs
Can't it be something other than gi—?

Hmm—. "Gambler—!!"
Coz this is the word that I like!
It's not what everyone thinks it is, it's like doesn't everyone have times in life when you need to take a gamble sometimes in order to live on?
For example, LIVE performances, and the goods are like this too. It's also fine if we keep doing what we're doing, but it's an important gamble to give a performance that we've never done before because we don't know if it is enjoyable or not!
Our options also won't widen if we don't do that.

That's the meaning of gambler—♪
Living life normally and steadily is boring, so I wish to be stimulated from time to time—. Whether they're good or bad stuff—!

One can't grow if there's only good things happening, bad things are sometimes important and one can't develop immunity if one doesn't experience that.

So I wanna be a gambler forever.

We've started moving for the Tegomass 4th Tour officially.
The recordings are all done, the meetings for the concert are also progressing well for making it ♪

I couldn't go and see all of you last year, sorry.
We wanted to do it
But that only accumulated to make me wanna do it better!
I'm also very proud of the album! I wish to hurry up and sing in front of everyone—☆

Please look forward to it, everyone!
Let's flirt, my honeys

-- "Nitere" is NTV channel which is one of the channels that uses lots of Johnny's boys in drama and variety shows! Even in news programmes, too, like "news every." (Koyama) and "News Zero" (Sakurai)!

-- "LIVE" was written in English.

My Tego~~~ He had really heavy bags under his eyes by the end of the year.. Otsukaresama deshita!!

And he really did very well for 2013! He had more attention than Sho at 32% vs 24%!! Yay!! Omedetou!!!!!!

♥♥💝💝♥♥ Super Idol Tego!!


Sorry for being soooooooo late!! m(_ _)m


Thursday, 12 December 2013 @ 17:00

Nishikido Ryo's Kanjani Sentai Eito Ranger Jweb 12.12.13

∞(エイト)レンジャー 錦戸亮
12.12.13 1212h

Mou sugu dorama satsuei mo shuuryou desu.
Minasan ikaga deshita ka ne?
Motto ganbarimasu ne!


The filming for drama will end soon.
How was everyone doing?
I will work harder!

Very nice timing, Ryo! You did it on purpose, right?! LOL!!

Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyouya e Youkoso is a really nice drama! Very funny, philosophical, psychological and mysterious!! XD

Ryo has SO MANY facial expressions in it! I love it!

I really like him in a role that's not a goody-two-shoes, but with a bit of bad, cunning, kindness, laziness, etc, lol!!

SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to watch the 10th episode!! LOL!!

Then his movie with Kitagawa Keiko, Dakishimetai will open soon!! Omg~~ Ryo~~!!

Though it's a kissing scene, it's so sweet that I couldn't be upset with it! LOL!! XD

I think it will end its run in the cinemas long before I can make my way to Japan though.. ;_;!!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 @ 19:00

NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥101- 増田貴久 Masuda Takahisa 11.12.2013



Every little one of you!
It's Massu!

Did you catch a cold?

I'm lost what it comes to buying down jackets...
Before wearing a down jacket due to the cold...pu


Tegomass' NEW album & LIVE!

Masterpiece! I'd love to hurry and tell you about this album that I like so much

Though the song "Tsuki no Tomodachi/Friend of Moon", which is composed by Tegoshi and has lyrics written by me, is in the regular edition!

Firstly, it's good starting from the title!

Setting the theme as youth...

Big dreams are better!
If the dream is big, you won't lose sight of it!

I wrote to tell you what I want to see

But I may not be able to tell you if it appears and disappears—!*
Too much of a curve ball Laughs

There are things that I wrote because I want everybody to scream during LIVE ...I'll tell you again! I'm looking forward to the LIVE—

Setting the theme as youth, showing various feelings, I think it made for a wonderful album !

It's been 2years and 3months!
Tegomasu no seishun/Tegomass' youth
Please look forward to it


It's "u" this time


Uri kotoba ni kai kotoba...icchao/I'll end up saying...words of selling or buying*
Uso mo, tama ni wa / Lying is convenient too...well, sometimes it is
Web...suki / I like the Web
U—roncha...yoku nomu / I frequently drink...Oolong tea
Uta...kashu desu / Song (or sing)...I'm a singer
U—ru...choku choku kirai / Wool...sometimes I dislike it




Usagi!! / Rabbit!!

Thanks for today too

-- "pu" is like a short laugh. Massu always write funny things like this, omg, lol..

-- "NEW", "LIVE", "Web" were typed in English!

-- "*" are sentences that I don't understand, sorry!! ;_;!

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to Hiroshima!!!!!!!!!!

After his solo song "Remedy", Massu uses lots of English! XD

Even their "SEVEN COLORS" are pronounced perfectly!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!! Now, NEWS is the group with the best grasp on English pronunciations. Most intelligent group with two university graduates and one undergraduate student. LOL!! XD

Anyone else going to the Tegomass 4th LIVE?! Contact me ne! I'd love to meet you! ♥♥

I also pre-ordered the Limited Edition of "Tegomass no Seishun"!! I'll buy the Regular Edition at the concert venue if there are special things attached!! XD

Thursday, 5 December 2013 @ 23:00

Nishikido Ryo's Kanjani Sentai Eito Ranger Jweb 5.12.13

∞(エイト)レンジャー 錦戸亮
4.12.13 1810h

Boku desu.
Sugoi hiru ne wo shichaimashita.
Yume wa* oboetemasen.
Moshikashitara mita kedo wasureta no kamoshiremasen.
Konna fuu ni kidukanai uchi ni wasureteru koto tte dore kurai arundeshou ne.


Good evening.
It's me.
I had a great afternoon nap.
I don't remember the dream.
Maybe I saw it but I forgot about it.
One wonders how many things did we forget while we noticed it like this.

-- "wa" should be "ga". XD Reminds me that I need to continue my studies if I wanna take N2 test next year, lol!

Oooo~ Afternoon naps are nice~~ I used to be the only member in my family who doesn't take a nap. Then it'd become really quiet in the afternoon around 3pm, lol! XD Nowadays, I keep wanting to doze off after lunch in the office! XD

The ironies of life.

I'm glad Ryo could at least take an afternoon nap~ ♥

I wonder what he saw in his dream?

Do you remember your dreams? Sometimes, I do remember but half the time, I don't. I'd try really hard to hold on to the memory but it will somehow escape my grasp.. ;_;

Ja mata next week! XD

Wednesday, 4 December 2013 @ 23:00

NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥100- 小山慶一郎 Koyama Keiichiro 4.12.2013


I'm Koyama Keiichiro.

Let's settle for "i"—

"Iro iro shuzai chuu"/"Doing lots of interviews"

For now, I'm doing lots of interviews for news every. next year.

Since this morning, lots of magazine publishers came for interviews

Feels realistic—,
The fact that it will start next year

So, I'll get going since I have preparations to do for today's live broadcast—

Haha, leader totally didn't realise it's the 100th post, right?! XD

Leader's so cute~ And he's also so hardworking! Now that he's promoted, he's gonna be even busier!

What will happen on the days NEWS have concert tours?! Or Music Station?! Or something else?! Hmmm..

The weekly freetalk jweb "NEWS RING", which contains the members' updates by using word-connecting game "Shiritori" as titles for every entry, has finally welcomed its 100th entry!!

To mark this, we will open all back number entries! From 11th Dec (Wed), we will also collect feedback for the entries, so please join it by all means.

Back number entries are opened till:
11th Dec (Wed) 6pm (JST)

Yay~~!! So I have 59 NEWS RING entries to translate!! Coz I only started translating from the 60th entry!! XD

It's gonna be a looooooong process~~ XD I still have sooooooo many things to translate and write and do and etc!! Omg~~~~ Wish me luck!!!!!!

Cya next post!

Saturday, 30 November 2013 @ 11:06

NEWS Christmas Messages 2013

A few days ago, photos of each group's Christmas messages were starting to float on Twitter then FB, but according to my friend, JFC had to cover the noticeboard or something because there are idiots who sold the photos they took there! OMG! Why must there be black sheeps among our fandom?! Previously, there was the JE Ticket scam by some black sheep Arashi fans. OMG..

Please please please! Every one of us has the same love for our idols, please do not try to make money out of this fandom, it will only make us be hated by our idols! Always think twice before doing anything! Internet is far and wide and everywhere, our idols will know who you are if you do something bad! Likewise, they will also know who put in the effort for them no matter where you are!!

So don't do things that will make people hate you, always be mindful, thoughtful and sincere in all your actions, that will make the world a better place to live in! That's what I believe.

Okay, so, enough about that, lol!

Photo taken from somewhere on Twitter, I forgot, sorry! LOL!

If you have individual photos of the messages and their photos, please x10000 send me, I'll credit properly!!


CHRISTMAS MESSAGE 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy NEWS year!!
Shiawase ni suru ne ♡
Koyama Keiichirou


Merry Christmas
Happy NEWS year!!
Follow us!!
Koyama Keiichiro

Meri—kurisumasu & Akemashite omedetou ^_^
Doumo Tegoshi Yuuya desu.
2014 nen wa ichaicha kaidou masshigura de ikou ze!!
Seme tsudukeru kara kakugou shitoke yo?
Rabu rabu shisugite sekai ni yakimochi yakaseyou ♡
Yoroshiku na! Konekochan ♡

Tegoshi Yuuya


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ^_^
Hi I'm Tegoshi Yuya.
Let's flirt full tilt in 2014!!
Be prepared because I'll be on continuous assault okay?
Let's be so lovey dovey that makes the world jealous ♡
Please take care of me! My little kitten ♡

Tegoshi Yuya

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu
Merry XmaS ★



Happy New Year
Merry Xmas ★


Merry christmas
A Happy New Year!!
Make my day ♪

Katou Shigeaki

Awwww, of course I love Tego's message best!! LOL!!

But for the design, I love Massu's best!!

And for the NEWS love, Koyama's the best!!

And for international Paanas, Shige's the best!!

LOL!! NEWS is indeed the BEST group!!!!!!!


Friday, 29 November 2013 @ 14:49

NEWS - SEVEN COLORS - Lyrics from BEST ARTIST Version - English Translation and 中文翻译!

Have you watched the first LIVE performance of SEVEN COLORS by NEWS on BEST ARTIST on the past Wednesday 27th November? To be honest with you, I love NEWS a lot but I cannot deny that they could have done better that night. I think that KoyaShige did very well and Koyama is always improving! Tegoshi was too excited and I felt that some parts were just too damn high! LOL! His harmony also didn't match Koyama's part during ♪ "Nakama no koe..." As for Massu, I was the most disappointed at his solo parts, but I think that he might not be feeling well that night! People said that he's got smokey eye make-up, I think that it's just his tired eyes!

During Chankapaana, it's a lot better because it's the gazillionth time they performed that song, haha!!

Tegoshi: "Thank you! I will work hard!"

Ahhhh~!! I love SEVEN COLORS!! Being the theme song for Tegoshi's 2nd consecutive hosting gig, FIFA Club World Cup which is hosted by Japan for the 3rd consecutive time, it is a lively and encouraging song that has incorporated all seven colours representing the different soccer clubs all over the world that will participate!

So without further ado, let's take a look at the lyrics revealed so far!!


NEWS - SEVEN COLORS - Kanji Lyrics

ゆるぎない夢へ 走りだす Color

きっと きっと 煌く SEVEN COLORS 叶うから...

Let's go 向かっていく 青い空の下
Get a goal 白黒の願い蹴り上げて
光る緑の上 それぞれの色が舞う
ショータイム take me high

そうだ まだ まだ We go to the top!


歓喜まき込んで 勝ちに拘って

BLUE, ORANGE! キラキラするから

ゆるぎない夢へ 走りだす Color
きっと きっと 煌く SEVEN COLORS

Ah ah ah ah 赤っ恥かいたって Go ahead
黄金夢(ゴルドドリーム) 手に入れるまで

I know I'm ready to go I know I'm ready to go
woo wo o o o 迷い 蹴散らせ


ゆるぎない夢へ 走りだす Color
ずっとずっと駆けてく Oh yeah!
BLUE, ORANGE? 鮮やかな希望
この手に掴むまで あきらめない Color
もっと もっと 輝け SEVEN COLORS 叶うから...

NEWS - SEVEN COLORS - Romaji Lyrics

Ikuzo black or white, yellow, green or red
Blue, orange nanairo no mahou
Yuruginai yume e hashiri dasu Color
Kitto kitto kirameku SEVEN COLORS kanau kara...

Let's go Mukatteiku aoizora no shita
Get a goal Shirokuro no negai keriagete
Nakama no koe ni omoi wa kasokusuru
Hikaru midori no ue sore zore no iro ga mau
Showtime take me high
Souda mada mada We go to the top!

Ikuzo black or white, yellow, green or red
Blue, orange nanairo no mahou
Kanki makikonde kachi ni kodawatte
Zutto zutto kaketeku
You're so... Black or white, yellow, green or red
Blue, orange kira kira suru kara
Yuruginai yume e hashiri dasu Color
Kitto kitto kirameku SEVEN COLORS

Ah ah ah ah akahhajikaitatte Go ahead
Gold dream te ni ireru made
Nando mo taosaretatte haitskubatte asu e basu dase
I know I'm ready to go  I know I'm ready to go
woo wo o o o mayoi kechirase

Black or white, yellow, green or red
Blue, orange nanairo no mahou
Yuruginai yume e hashiri dasu Color
Zutto zutto kaketeku Oh yeah!
Ikuzo Black or white, yellow, green or red
Blue, orange azayaka na kibou
Kono te ni tsukamu made akiramenai Color
Motto motto kagayake SEVEN COLORS kanau kara...

NEWS - SEVEN COLORS - English Translation

Let's go, the magic of seven colours
Black, white, yellow, green, red, blue and orange
Colours that run towards the unwavering dream
Because the shiny seven colours will definitely definitely come true...

Let's go towards it under the blue sky
Get a goal kick the wish in the colours of black and white
Thoughts accelerate upon the voice of comrades
On the bright green (field) different colours dance
Showtime take me high
Yes, just a bit a bit more We go to the top!

Let's go, the magic of seven colours
Black, white, yellow, green, red, blue and orange
Surrounded by cheers, focus on winning
Always keep running
You're so... black, white, yellow, green, red, blue and orange because you're glittery
Colours that run towards the unwavering dream
The seven colours that are definitely absolutely shiny

Ah ah ah ah Red from embarrasment Go ahead
Until I get my hands on the golden dream
No matter how many times I was defeated and crawled, I will set off on the bus for tomorrow
I know I'm ready to go  I know I'm ready to go
woo wo o o o Kick away my hesitation

The magic of seven colours
Black, white, yellow, green, red, blue and orange
Colours that run towards the unwavering dream
Always keep running Oh yeah!
Let's go, the fresh hope that's
Black, white, yellow, green, red, blue and orange
Colours that I decided that I will not give up until I get my hands on (winning)
Because the seven colours can get more and more shiny and it will come true...


走吧 黑色,白色,黃色,綠色,紅色,藍色和橙色 七色的魔法
肯定肯定輝煌的七色 因為會實現...

走吧 走去那裡 在藍天下
進球 把黑白的願望踢上去
在一片綠得發光(的草坪上) 各種各樣的顏色在起舞
表現的時候到了 讓我嗨起來
對了 還沒 還沒 我們要去頂端!

走吧 黑色,白色,黃色,綠色,紅色,藍色和橙色 七色的魔法
被歡呼聲包圍 專注在取得勝利
你真的很... 黑色,白色,黃色,綠色,紅色,藍色和橙色 因為你閃閃發亮

啊 啊 啊 啊 尷尬得臉紅 繼續向前衝
我知道我已做好準備 我知道我已做好準備
woo wo o o o 迷茫 把它踢飛

黑色,白色,黃色,綠色,紅色,藍色和橙色 七色的魔法
一直一直跑過去 Oh yeah!
走吧 黑色,白色,黃色,綠色,紅色,藍色和橙色 鮮艷的希望
直到用我的手得到為止 都不放棄的顏色
更加 更加 輝煌的七色 因為會實現...

That's all for my basic skeletal translations for both languages! XD Hope I didn't make a mistake!

As for reposting and stuff, please please please tweet me for permission before doing anything!

Thank you very much!!

Have a nice day!!

♥♥♥♥NEWS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥