Wednesday, 6 March 2013 @ 20:41

An E-mail from Tego and Massu!!


Today at 11:17am, I received something in my e-mail mailbox!!

What a pleasant surprise to brighten up my drama-fied day! XD

Sayonara ni Sayonara◆On sale today!!

Hello! I'm Tegoshi Yuuya (^o^)(^^)/

Tegomass' new single "Sayonara ni Sayonara", is on sale today!

For 2 years, we made you wait, but we finished the song that will not betray your anticipation!
I think that this song can let you feel its charm and a bit more adult-ish Tegomass!

The coupling songs in the Regular edition includes the "Tego•Kara" and "Masu•Kara" that were suggested by many of you from everywhere, so I'd be happy if you use them to practise the harmonies!

Sorry for making you wait! It's for you, my Honeys★

Yahoo! I'm Masuda Takahisa (^o^)(^^)Y
I'm happy that "Sayonara ni Sayonara" is released!
I think if your loved one can receive the feeling of "there's no more need for the phrase 'goodbye'", they will be very happy.

The coupling song "Hitori Janai/Not Alone" is a song that one can imagine singing it live!
It seems like a song that can do fan service and be sung live~♪

I like the tempo and rhythm of "Komorebi Memories/Filtered Sunshine Memories".

While I was recording it, I was thinking, "I wonder if I am able to sing such an adult-ish melody naturally?"
I think it's because I love music too much (laughs)!

I hope that this year we can do more as Tegomass!

So~Today is the release of "Sayonara ni Sayonara"!!

Oh yeah!! Let's go to the CD shop★

So cute!! XD Have you bought your copy of the single yet? ^_~ ☻☻☻☻

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