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Koyama's Member Ai ★LOVE 849★

小山慶一郎 の メンバー愛
LOVE 849
18 March 2013

Oha nyas


It's fashionable.
Only for me though
Please use it too, everyone (laughs)

Yesterday, my sister's family and my mum came to my house too

We ate things like sushi,
And sweet potatoes.

Haru-kun is able to eat nicely~

Ren-kun is,
Still young, so it's a feat to eat.
In one mouthful, boro boro,
Poro poro, the sweet potato
All went to the carpet

I actually like cleanliness. I put in lots of effort to clean up and stuff... .

But, the sight of him putting in so much effort to eat was so cute that I ended up forgiving him~

Able to wipe his nose well~.

Wiped his runny nose with his hand...,
And wiped it on my sofa~.

It's okay, it's okay

Because I'll clean it up later

Oh? Haru-kun,
You're jumping on my bed??

Ren-kun..., is mimicking his older brother.

Wa- Looks like fun
Jump jump

All the adults, laughed.
I, laughed bitterly.

But they're cute, so it's okay

Hmm hmm,

Lively lively



It's been a long time since I was being the dumb uncle for a whole day

I'm counting on you later,
Robot cleaning machine-san

With all my heart, I pressed the switch on the cleaning machine, and that's the beginning of such a day today

Come again,
My nephews


What a nice uncle Koyama is!! ♥♥ But it's tough! XD

I love the leader nyas! XD

Sorry I was one day late!!

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