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NEWS Christmas Messages 2013

A few days ago, photos of each group's Christmas messages were starting to float on Twitter then FB, but according to my friend, JFC had to cover the noticeboard or something because there are idiots who sold the photos they took there! OMG! Why must there be black sheeps among our fandom?! Previously, there was the JE Ticket scam by some black sheep Arashi fans. OMG..

Please please please! Every one of us has the same love for our idols, please do not try to make money out of this fandom, it will only make us be hated by our idols! Always think twice before doing anything! Internet is far and wide and everywhere, our idols will know who you are if you do something bad! Likewise, they will also know who put in the effort for them no matter where you are!!

So don't do things that will make people hate you, always be mindful, thoughtful and sincere in all your actions, that will make the world a better place to live in! That's what I believe.

Okay, so, enough about that, lol!

Photo taken from somewhere on Twitter, I forgot, sorry! LOL!

If you have individual photos of the messages and their photos, please x10000 send me, I'll credit properly!!


CHRISTMAS MESSAGE 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy NEWS year!!
Shiawase ni suru ne ♡
Koyama Keiichirou


Merry Christmas
Happy NEWS year!!
Follow us!!
Koyama Keiichiro

Meri—kurisumasu & Akemashite omedetou ^_^
Doumo Tegoshi Yuuya desu.
2014 nen wa ichaicha kaidou masshigura de ikou ze!!
Seme tsudukeru kara kakugou shitoke yo?
Rabu rabu shisugite sekai ni yakimochi yakaseyou ♡
Yoroshiku na! Konekochan ♡

Tegoshi Yuuya


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ^_^
Hi I'm Tegoshi Yuya.
Let's flirt full tilt in 2014!!
Be prepared because I'll be on continuous assault okay?
Let's be so lovey dovey that makes the world jealous ♡
Please take care of me! My little kitten ♡

Tegoshi Yuya

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu
Merry XmaS ★



Happy New Year
Merry Xmas ★


Merry christmas
A Happy New Year!!
Make my day ♪

Katou Shigeaki

Awwww, of course I love Tego's message best!! LOL!!

But for the design, I love Massu's best!!

And for the NEWS love, Koyama's the best!!

And for international Paanas, Shige's the best!!

LOL!! NEWS is indeed the BEST group!!!!!!!


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