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Buzzer Beat Episode 9!!


He makes up an excuse for not bringing an umbrella..

They went to Riko's house, she says that he can go home tomorrow.

EVIL WOMAN calls Riko. She says it's her fault that Naoki is late! OMG!!

Riko tells Naoki to go home.

Mai and Shuuji came home, Riko hears from Shuuji that practice ended early.

After medical check up, Naoki finds a bag from Natsuki.

Utsunomiya finds out that Mai and Shuuji are dating~ lol! He laughs and answers that he's not a gay~

A lot of basketballers turn up in their house! A total of 5 basketballers and one Mai eat dinner together in their house~

Naoki tells Mai to not tell the others about him and Riko because he says he will talk to Kawasaki-san when he comes back. Mai tells him not to worry, Riko doesn't like Kawasaki-san anymore and her violin........... Naoki doesn't understand but Mai is busy with the others.

The guy who scolded Riko looks like he's worried that she's no longer playing violin.

Riko goes back to her own house.

Naoki and Utsunomiya attend the PBA press conference.

Naoki and Riko call each other at the same time so they can't connect!! OMG!!

Utsunomiya and Natsuki eat dinner together. She says feelings can't be stopped and what.. something about being childish..

Naoki sees Yoyogi with the other office girl walking on the street, Yoyogi sees him too.

Riko calls Naoki. They talk about violin music~ ♥♥~~

Riko eats dinner with her parents and I think they are glad that she has not given up on violin~

After a long lag..

Naoki confronts Yoyogi in the locker room. Everyone helps to stop them. Naoki wants Yoyogi to apologise to Natsuki.

Riko can't stand the ticking of the clock so she takes out the batteries but Mai tells her to put them back~

Shuuji comes back and tells them about what happens in the locker room. Mai stops him before he blurts anything that would hurt Riko.

Riko receives a message but I couldn't catch it in time -_-"

Naoki and Utsunomiya talk in the locker room. He says that you're not an elementry student anymore. And tells him to reconsider about his relationship with Natsuki. And something about Kawasaki-san. Naoki leaves.

The next morning, Naoki goes to practise basketball in the park. Riko confronts Naoki.

He says he didn't lie, he just don't wanna tell her so she won't anyhow think. She says that Natsuki is more important than her.

He says that he no longer likes Natsuki.

Riko says that she thinks about Naoki all the time. So why doesn't he? I think.. I seriously hate this broadcasting computer program!! It's lagging like shit!

Riko is not in time to pick up her phone when Naoki calls. Mai thinks that he will call later.

Natsuki waits for Naoki and gives him something. She trells him that Yoyogi and her are over already.

Naoki tells her that he has a person he cares about now. She asks if it's Shirakawa-san. He says yes.

Kawasaki-san comes back to Japan and goes to Riko's house immediately.

Riko returns the ring to Kawasaki-san and tells him that she likes Naoki. He asks why Naoki. But when she can't answer, he says he's joking. And that people's feelings are uncontrollable. And wishes her happiness.

Kawasaki can't help it but hugs her tightly.

Naoki happily buys a single sunflower and rides his bicycle towards Riko's house.

**********End of half of episode 9*********

OMG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Natsuki is sooooooooo EVIL!!!!!!!! T_T

I wanna watch the next episode!!!!!!

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