Wednesday, 16 September 2009 @ 23:13

Cartoon KAT-TUN 16.9.09 Epi 127

Nagasaki no Okite Part 2!!

The Island Team continues to eat while the Street Team goes to play soccer with kids who are serious about it.

Jin scores! Hoho~

The woman who is with them in the Street Team, rewards Jin with a precious photo. Hmmm..?! O.o?!

Because it's cloudy, they cannot see the sunset on their boat [Island Team]

Jin scores again! ♥

Whale sashimi!! Jin gives a weird expression then says that it doesn't stink. Haha~ The person said to enjoy the fats~ Hmmm.. XD

7+pm, Island Team finds that the ticket counter is closed! And that shops on the island close early. They find nothing after 30minutes. And then the lights were all turned off!!

They find a house with lights still lit! They try to find some food. And they succeed! It is just nice their grandson's birthday party! They have seafood~~~~~!

After they fill their stomachs, they leave and walk to the sea to play with fireworks!! Nakamaru is so funny~~~

How the hell they survived the night?! Hahaha

The next day, they help a fisherman. They catch octopus!! Nakamaru is soooooo funny~ It's always funny to see him being scared XD

Taguchi goes snorkeling!! Nakamaru jumps into the water too! He says the water is salty.. Like, OF COURSE LA!! HAHA~ Mr Obvious~

The fisherman catch a big fish!! It can be sold at about 60000yen~!

Later, they eat freshly caught seafood~ Look at the way they express how good it is, haha!! So funny~~

Watch out for the great surprise right at the end!! Super funny~! XD

Tune in next week ne!!

Good night!! ♥

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