Tuesday, 22 September 2009 @ 23:25

Jin on ANAN 1677 Cover!!

Like.. OMG~!! XD

It's his turn on anan's love shot series!! OMG OMG OMG OMG~! XD

I think there are 9 photos including the cover. The model is a European, or a mix-blood girl. Of course, both of them are nude totally~ They look like real couple making out. T_T

Jin is determined to make his photos the best out of all the others who also had this, namely, P, KimuTaku, MatsuJun. He trained his body with a famous instructor 2 months before this photoshoot.

OMG~~ Looks like we, as his fans, don't really understand what he is really like. Haha~

So here's what I think of him. I think that he's trying to NOT be a goody-2-shoes. I know that he usually clubs, drinks, smokes and talks to models in the clubs, and I think he usually will stay till the clubs close.

It's ok, I like wild guys. We have a modern saying in Mandarin: 男人不坏,女人不爱。

It means that, if the guy is not a bad guy, no woman will love him. LOL~ It's a true statement, I think. Maybe it's because they are dangerous and that makes them all the more exciting to be with. Life won't be so boring! HAHAHA~~ XD

And after looking at the low quality photos of the photos in anan, I think that they don't look as good as P's. I think that P's is more exciting? LOL~! It's.. healthier. HAHAHA!!

Personally, I think that Jin is the sexiest man alive. Ryo is ranked second, haha!! Third is Nic Tse. That's my ranking. LOL!! XD

But honestly speaking, even though Jin is my number one sexy guy, P's body is much nicer to look at than his, lol!! Oopz!! XD Must be because of the six-pack which Jin doesn't have~ HEHE~ XD

AHHHHHHHH, just go and judge it yourself, haha!!

Wanna see his sexy photos?! CLICK!!


Laruちゃん ♥ 樱井翔 said...

Haruちゃん..those pictures are like equivalent to porn ne... Pi's were bad enough.... Jin's...erm..I feel whut he is doing is not right ne... he should know that he has thousands of fans out there, kinda spoils his image with that smoking and drinking thing... he looks erm..not clean la...haha. No offence. Bahaha. =)

HaruLoku said...

hi, laru-chan!

well, jin has taken photos with both alcohol and cigarettes before, quite a long time ago..

and i think everybody knows that he's not the good-boy types like NEWS.

hmm and i think there is no right or wrong for shooting this kinda photos, because this is his choice, he happy then ok liao..

and i think that he doesn't think of this as "spoiling image" because perhaps this IS the image that he wants?

haha, anyway, no offense taken~ he's the one taking the photos, not me, lol~

anyway, i'll still like Jin and i support him in whatever he does, hahaha XD

thankz for ur message!!