Tuesday, 22 September 2009 @ 15:49

Orthros no Inu Official Photobook!

金曜ドラマ「オルトロスの犬」公式フォトブックTOKYO NEWS MOOK
Friday Drama "Orthros no Inu" Official Photo Book TOKYO NEWS MOOK

This was released on the 17th of September! It costs ¥1700! I think I should buy it!!!!!!!! XD

Buy it here!: YesAsia.com


colors_of_joy said...

Hello again ~ ^ ^

I did it and ordered it ! *_*

i can't deny that your post here was a very big help ^ ^ that made me made up my mind and decide to buy it XD

I'm counting the days waiting for it ^ ^

hope you ordered it too dear ;)

oh,i miss them already!,even it's only few day since last episode =_=

i tried to order the Drama DVD also but sadly it was so not affordable for me :cry:

i just want to keep a part of them with me =_=, to hold a real thing in my hand , as i always feel like this new experience is rare & precious for them and us too ♥ maybe will never be repeated - at least soon - >_>

so i think a photo book will do ^^

good bye Ryuuzaki & Ryosuki we will miss you two so :) ♥

I wish them all the best ♥

and you too dear ^_^♥,take care



HaruLoku said...

Hal-chan, hello again!!

omg, i also like to hold the real thing in my hand too!!

after reading ur message, i wanna buy the photobook afterall!! OMG!! thankz! ♥

yeah, i also think that the chances of them working together again in the near future is very slim!!

the DVD is tooooo expensive for me too!! T_T

ok, i'll buy the photobook now!! XD

all the best to u too~! ^_~