Friday, 11 September 2009 @ 21:13

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 10.9.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
8.9.09 1811h


Good evening.
How is everyone?

I've returned to work without a hitch.
Sorry for making everyone worry
Everyone has to be careful too.

Drama is left with a few episodes, I'll also work hard till the end.

So, I wish everyone a happy weekend.

First post after his flu! And I totally forgot about it last night!! T_T Sorry!

Well, he's recovered, but it's my turn now to get flu.. T_T But I think mine is common flu, I didn't go to Orchard Road or anywhere as crowded as that!! Well, I'll know tomorrow, after I see a doctor after I finish teaching my lessons. XD

So sad that Orthros will only have 9 episodes.. It is because of the super low viewership rating? I think the producers let the audience hold a much higher expectation and when it falls so much shorter, this is the result.. Even though I missed a lot of episodes, I don't think that its pace is fast enough when I watch a new episode. So.. yeah.. GANBATTE!!

On the other hand, Buzzer Beat is unexpectedly GOOD!! XD

Ryo is so cute on the "cooking" show and on 24h Dart's Trip~~~ XD ♥♥♥

Well, good night, girl!!


Anonymous said...

Hi :)

Glad to have him back on the track finally ^^

oh poor thing !,he is one who was ill & so exhausted from the crazy non-stop work but he is one who apologize to us? ♥^^

Welcome Back Ryo Chan ~ ♥

about Orthros, i think we just have to give them a chance till the last episode to have the final judgment ^^

i really love this drama ♥ , and i partly agree with you that it grow better every episode but not in that Speed they makes us believe it will be.

but in my opinion it still have the sad mysteries touch & the collecting of puzzle pieces that makes you want to know what will happen next, may be that what they meant in the first place (laugh)

but what i liked the most in this drama - beside ryo chan & tackey -kun of course ^^ - is really how scriptwriters could dive into the human nature & reveal all this real feelings & thoughts that within us ..even if it's hurt so much to deal with it :sad:

it's a 100% human drama for me ,not about diseases or relationships but it's all about what we think and feel in those times when we have to face our worst nightmares !

about all the Principles & Rules that we learned when we were little kids but really didn't have the time to test it,about if I'm really a good person or I'm doing good things & felling i am a good one because i didn't go through a different circumstances that may proves to me that I'm not ?!

those deep feelings was what i get from the story & the amazing act of the main characters ^_^

may be it doesn't have that very speedy pace in one episode , but i think that it had changed in those final episodes ^^

GANBATTE Orthros Staff ~ ♥

what makes more happy that Ryo Chan is enjoying himself in this drama and the filming atmosphere is so bright & cheerful ^_^

hope he & tackey will work together more later ^^

I'm so sad for them because of that miserable rating >_<

they really deserve more :(

By the way you can watch what you've missed (subbed) here :

from both fansubber Nya & Queerbet ^^

( if you want direct links please let me know ^^ )

Have Great Day Dear ♥:)

and please don't worry about not posting the j-web translation in the exact time ;), we'll always be waiting for you ^^ ,it always taste really lovely to read your translation & comments too ;)



HaruLoku said...

yeah, i was sad that he fell ill, but now that he's back, i'm so happy!

as for the feelings i get from the drama, i haven't feel it yet because i haven't watch, but i understand what u are saying~~ i'm sure i will feel it too when i finally catch up, haha~~

NYA is very slow, but i'll wait for them as i always do~ have they finished Osen? hahaaha~~~

as for the miserable ratings, i think maybe the Japanese audience can't really accept such type of drama? they should watch it more!! hahaha >.<

takki and ryo look so good together in magazine shoots~~~ ♥ the recent one in POTATO october issue was great! they shot it with cute doggies!!

here's the link:

and thankz for ur encouragement! i strive to give the latest jweb from Ryo because it's like, we will feel more close to him..? HAHA~~ XD