Monday, 28 September 2009 @ 12:07

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 24.9.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
24.9.09 1330h


I'm Nishikido.
It's been a long time since I'm back at Osaka.
This time, it's for my mum's half a century birthday.
It's now almost time for me to go back to Tokyo.

I will work hard tomorrow too.

Wow~!! I'm late to wish Mrs Nishikido a happy birthday!!

She's 50 and has so many children with 3 being older than me! She must have married very young! My mum is 5 years older than her but I'm her eldest child.. Haha.. XD

Have you seen her picture before? She looks like a foreigner, beautiful and eleganht

He goes back only once in a while and even on the day of his mum's birthday he couldn't properly spend it with her and had to go back to Tokyo for work.. So poor thing!! Both him and his mother.. T_T

Hope they had a short but enjoyable time together!! ♥


Hal said...

haru-chan ♥~~! help? *-*

I'm speechless right now...News..Diamond Party..DVD...SOOOOON oh my gooood ~~

yattaaa ~~ at laaast johnny-san

it will be on November 4 :cry:

you are the first one came in my mind dear when i read about it ^_^

happy is not the proper word for my condition now ! i'm above that !

Here the details :

pre-order links :

cdjapan Limited Edition :


Regular Edition :

( i heard it's on amazon with discounts too & YesAsia also ^ ^)

I'm so going to pre-order it whatsoever! although my poor wallet is complaining after my last order T_T

but i can't live without ! i was literally count the days for it, even i was lousy fan and give up quickly after waiting for 8 months :cry:

from now on we should be more optimistic & Patient fans whatever happened - as johhny san teaches us -neh? (laugh)

News Aishterooo ♥ ~~

also Yamapi is having his first solo concert ♥^^ and having new single on November too ! ( you can say that the solo concert is for promoting the new single in the first place ^^)

I'm sooooo haaapy for all this amazing News for NEWS ^ ^

oh,sweet Ryo chan why do i love you more and more everyday?♥ ^ ^ such a loyal kid ♥! ,i wish to have a great son like him ^_^

just yesterday i was discussing this with my sister,he really loves his mom & so attached to her more than anyone in his family ^^ so it's really great that he got the chance to spend even a little time with her on that special day ^^

and yes,poor thing ! T_T,he always work even in his very precious moments,Gambatte kudasai Dear Ryo Chan ♥~

i hope for them both all the amazing & shiny things in the whole world ^^

I'm again glad that you always welcome me ( and my long comments XD) with those lovely J-web entries of our beloved ryo-chan ♥ every time i came here ^^ ,
Thank you so much dear for being our eyes on him ^ ^

I'm really amazed how it always happened without any previous Planning ^^ ,every time you post new one it happened to have me around ^ ^

you should expect me next time you published new one..neh? (laugh)

I'm really grateful for all your hardwork dear ^^ ,GANBATTE ♥~

and i will thank you forever for the cute & sweet RyoTakki video♥♥ you gave me the other day ^ ^,it was such a splendid & rare moments ,i really love this two too much ^^ ( so sorry for the very late reaction :o ! ,but i wasn't able to log in earlier =_=)

Have a beautiful bright day as you are dear ♥:)



HaruLoku said...


thankz for this piece of news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i practically screamed when i go to the Johnny's page!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

i'm so going to buy it!! and it's one day after Ryo's birthday, omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

i have posted the DVD information! i'm sure u don't need it but i also want a lot of people to know, we must share this happy news!!!!!!!! ^_~


and u're welcome! that Secret Agent Man video is also one of my precious videos! it's really rare! ^_~