Thursday, 3 September 2009 @ 22:06

Temperatures are back to normal for YamaP and Ryo!

2009.9.3 05:02


Temperatures are back to normal for YamaP and Nishikido
2009.9.3 05:02

After being diagnosed with Infuenza A, NEWS' Yamashita Tomoshisa and Nishikido Ryo are currently recovering at home, and on the 2nd, their temperatures went back to normal.

Johnny's Jimusho spokesperson said, "They are on the road to recovery." As for when they will return to work, it's undecided yet. Some of Nishikido's scenes in the TBS drama "Orthros no Inu" that will air on the 4th have not been filmed yet, the station will confirm the broadcast content on the 3rd.

Orthros no Inu・Emergency Live Special

Tomorrow's Orthros no Inu will be a Live Special!!

OMG~! Has Ryo fully recovered?! Poor thing!! T_T

I'll be watching it tomorrow, I hope~



midori said...

I'm so happy they are better :D
Thanks so much for the information and Ryo nikkis :D
I hope he improves completely and continued to write two lines xD
Have a nice day Haru.
See you~

HaruLoku said...


yeah, i also hope he makes a full recovery soon!!

i miss his nikki and also yamaP's nikki!!

have a nice day too, midori!