Friday, 29 January 2010 @ 00:11

Soukon 走魂 Episode 12!

When I switched the program on, they're already starting the competitions!! XD I was late by 3minutes XD

First competition!!

21m competition!!

2.87s!! Massu!!

2.95s!! Tego!!

3.05s!! Koyama!!

3.42s~~ Shige~~ XD

Quadruple Jump Men..?!

12m45cm!! Tego!!
12m41cm!! Koyama!!
8m80cm~~ Massu~~
-- Shige! He managed to start foul! XD

110m One Hurdle Men

14.35s!! Massu!!
15.46s!! Koyama!!
16.08s!! Tego!!
18.00s~~ Shige~~ Wahaha~~ XD

Last competition!!

Marathon Men 421.95m..?!

OMG, it's only 11 degree celsius on that day!! SO COLD!!

They finished in 1:18.37s!!

Tego, Koyama, Massu, Shige~!!

Wahaha, even though Shige is the youngest.. He's also the slowest!! LOL~! XD I thought he had training?! Wahahaha~

They get 4 points this time!!

Lawson is selling 4-colour breads to represent them, so cute, lol~ I wanna buy!!

Tegomass LIVE DVD commercial came on next, they're so cute! So happy that I finally got their DVD delivered! YAY!! ♥

I missed soooo many episodes of Soukon, so sorry ne, NEWS!! T_T

Well, I gotta go sleep, good night!! ♥

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