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Constriction (くびれ)

Maruyama-kun was beside me, so I asked him, "What words do you think of when you think of 'ku'?" and that was his reply.


I asked,

It's important for the body to be sharp

He said.

And, he started to sing


The sound effect from TV game shows,

He levelled up.

To Maruyama-kun


is more like,



Instead of that kinda thing, you should promote proper-ly!

As I was being told by Maruyama-kun

No choice, I shall do my promotion.

I, Kato Shigeaki's second novel

Senkou Scramble

Will be on sale on this Friday, 1st of March.

As it's humbly written by me, I'd be happy if you could read it.

Now, a last sentence from Maruyama-kun

He regretted commenting "Clench the temple" during the Kanjani∞ Countdown LIVE

Something like that.


Yay!! Congratulations to Shige on releasing his 2nd novel, "Senko Scramble"!! He's really the amazing intellect in NEWS!! ♥

Here is the book's introduction page by Kadokawa!

[ 内容 ]

Evening 7pm, the cross junction at Shibuya scramble. A story about love and revival of a female idol and a paparazzi reporter sporting the same heartbreak who take their first steps towards finding the place they truly belong to.

Hmmmm, interesting story!! XD Who would have thought?! An idol and their worst enemy, PAPARAZZI?!?!?! Wow, haha~

Anyway, why was he with Maruyama?! LOL! That funny and adorable Orange. XD

Well, I hope Shige's book will do very well in sales!! I will buy it if I see it in Japan, haha! XD Not enough $$ now x.X"

Oyasuminasai! ♥

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