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KAT-TUN MANUAL — Kamenashi Kazuya — 7.4.13

KAT-TUN MANUAL — 亀梨和也 Kamenashi Kazuya


Recently, this is the Kame that is engrossed in reading books

Yesterday, too, I went in and out of my bath to read a book all naked (laughs)

How is everyone recently?
Ah¨ Is the hay fever ok?

It seemed terrible this year too...

Those who got the hay fever, please take care

So, so, I'm changing the topic though, next month, the movie will be opened

Now, doing interviews about the movie, tackling 33 missions, etc

Baseball also opened a new season

So much to look forward to

Speaking of anticipation, the release of our new song is also in the next month

We also shot the PV

To KAT-TUN, it's our first theme song to a movie

Please wait for it in anticipation

Ahh, I also want to do a Live

So then

Wind, is strong so please be careful

Tonight, let's meet again


See you

-- "Live" was written in English.

Kame is so cute~ He has a cute personality~~~!

I also want them to have LIVE!! I miss them so much after I went to their LIVE in Taipei in 2010!!!!!!!!! XD

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