Monday, 8 April 2013 @ 21:46

Koyama's Member Ai ★LOVE 855★

小山慶一郎 の メンバー愛
LOVE 855
8 April 2013

Did you watch the special programme last night?

After the filming for that ended,
Higashino-san and Miyasako-san talked to me,

"NEWS is interesting- Koyama-kun and Tegoshi-kun's characters are totally different so it's good- "

That's what,
They said,
I'm so happy

From now on, I'll become straightforward? (laughs)

I'll work hard in interviewsss!!


The camera is,

Magical (laughs)

So, so,
Let's work hard this week tooooooo
If there's any bad things happening,
Please think of NEWS and put on a smile!!
We're on your side


HapPyy Birthdayy

Awwwww, Koyama~~ He remembers P's birthday!! He really likes P a lot!! Too bad, P left and be solo.. -_-" Que Sera Sera wasn't exactly good, I hope he comes up with something better next time.. LOL~~

Listening to Taiyou no Namida right now.. ;_;!

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