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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥67- 増田貴久 Masuda Takahisa 17.4.2013


Good eveningg

I'm Maaaasuda!
I'm fine (=° ω° )ノ

How are youuuu?!

I'm busy with a lot of things recently

I will work hard so that I can enjoy them in every expression

The theme this time is

(Da-re da!?) Whooo is it!?
(Da-masu!?) (The opposite of his family name)
(Daisuki-?) I love youuu!?
(Dareka--!?) Somebodyyyy!?
(Dabo dabo!?) Baggy!?

Ahhhh, dabo dabo it is?!
I wanna hear it

Recently, it increasedddd!
Baggy clothes
Do you have it?

From a long time ago I used to like baggy clothes a lot, I would go search for them and then wear them but now, a lot of brands have them and they become easier to buy

When it was in trendy, I even dressed in baggy all at once~ laughs

Well, there's nothing much to talk about baggy clothes anyway laughs

Well, what I'm trying to say was...

It's fun to coordinate clothes~

I love iiit

I haven't been going to the shops to look around, so I bought magazines to look at clothes

So, the last sentence.

Clothes, I love them
They are shoooo macho~

So, Daamasu-kun is going back to the stage play

I love youuu (=° ω° )ノ

Lol!! I had baggy clothes!! I bought really big denim 3/4 pants!! Really big t-shirts too! My standard attire when I was studying in polytechnic! Lol! Nowadays, I donated them to poor children~ XD I didn't keep them~ Hee..

Massu is shoooo cute~! XD ♥

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