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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥68- 手越祐也 Tegoshi Yuya 24.4.2013


Hi, I'm Tegoshi Yuya!

It feels great as it's getting warmer!
My beloved summer is getting closerrr!!

This year is getting great as it feels good that we got a lot of releases ☆

I gotta talk about the theme, riight
The first thought to hit me is Vocal?

If not for my vocals, I wouldn't be in NEWS or Tegomass, I think I wouldn't even be in Johnny's.

Singing is good, isn't it.
Because the instrument is our body, we can bring it anywhere.

It can make people happy, make your world view wider, etc.
The best instrument is vocal ♪

Speaking of vocal, it's Neko Chuudoku!!
That's a song about many things!
It's the best!!

The coupling songs are very good too.
It's our master piece so I wish for you to listen to it.

It doesn't matter if you're my fan or not, please just listen to it because it's the best ♪

I think that it will change your view on the worldddd!

I think a mail will be sent to you, so I'll just stop here, but in any case, it's seriously the best!!
I wish for the little kittens to listen to iiiiiiit.

Then, during this period, I heard a thinking *of not missing the moment when collaborating with Naoto•Intiraimi!*

Not manipulated by the modern tools,,
It's important to use them basing on our own will and have our own control over them.

Happiness is not based on money or things,, it's about the fulfilment of the heart.
Leave a space in your heart for feelings and let the wind of the heart pass through without obstacles.

To say it simply, it's not to be manipulated by the mobile phone.

It's become much more convenient nowadays, suddenly in a moment, for example, there's reception in the trains so everyone looks at their phones, right? SMS and stuff. Is that necessary? When you asked that, you realised that it's actually not the case.

When you raise the face not tampered with by the phone, you may somehow feel a tiny bit of happiness. Like, there may be a member of the opposite gender that is your type or cute dogs or cats.

When we say it, it's like the lyrics float up and the songs float up, etc.

I tried it, it's amazing.
Stop unnecessary net surfing, if you start controlling yourself, your meals will become even more delicious ♪

Feelings towards songs will change too, so please try it, my beloved little kittens

-- *No idea what this sentence was about, sorry!*

Aww, Tego is so sweet~ His maturity will surprise you if you are a new fan of Tego! Doesn't match his baby face, does it? But he is deep as the ocean and can choose to be as shallow as a puddle too! Lol~~ I love him very much~ ♥♥

I totally agree with him though, everywhere you look, people have their heads down, looking and tapping at their phones. Especially when iPhone entered the market, it suddenly took an acute worst turn. People no longer connect physically via eye contact or talking.. It's sad.. ;_;

For his sign and mine, we like human interaction. Need.

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