Saturday, 2 November 2013 @ 23:30

Tegoshi's 26th Birthday Celebration with Singaporean Chankapaanas!!

Yay!!!!!!!!!!! Thankz to D-chan for putting in so much efforts to organise this great, simple, cozy and lovely celebration!!

So I took CCL to Botanic Gardens, lol.. But we're supposed to meet at the Orchard side, so I had to walk all the way down. Luckily, it's not a hot day, nor is it a wet day, phew!!!!!! Though it really looked like it was gonna rain at some points!! It must be the Tego-love-effect that it didn't rain after all!! XD

Well, it's a lovely walk through the Botanic Gardens, even Chopin is here!~ The last I've been here was...... P1, 2 or 3?! XD

After 45mins of walking, I finally found D-chan and YT-chan at the Botany Centre. There were two wooden park benches and tables! Perfect!

We started laying out the food! D-chan even prepared pirate symbol serviettes and paper plates!! So cute!!

D-chan also prepared door gifts for all of us!! A huge newspaper-like Hotaru no Hikaru movie pamphlet (Tego had a bit role in it but I didn't watch it because I had no friends at that time ;_;), a lovely shop photo of Tego from Mahou no Melody and a box of Strawberry Pocky!!

Actually, Tego's birthday 11th Nov is quite a day! It's Pocky & Pretz Day and also the poor Singles Day! Lol!! Sadz.

And so I also wore pink, coz I miraculously found a pink singlet at home! XD

Mao-chan and @eiennofiesta arrived and followed by @joyceyjou2. So the 5 of us decided to start the trivia first while waiting for the remaining two to come!

D-chan's questions were so difficult!! XD I have watched some of the videos in the questions before but I'm not a detail-oriented person, so I didn't take note in the past! Lol! I won one shop photo because it's a logical question of "how many episodes were there?" after revealing the multiple choices, lol!! XD

I chose a shop photo from the Tegomass no Mahou shop photo set! I loooooove candid photos though I hate it if it's a candid photo of me, lol!!

Q-chan and @eiennofight arrived by the last third question~! We had lotsa fun!!

Then it's time for the cake!!

See!!!!!!! Sooooo cute!!

It's a doggie cake from The Icing Room!! D-chan even bought soccer ball candles!! So creative~!

D-chan also made delicious soccer ball onigiri!! Oishikatta desu!!

My cookies!! My two younger sisters helped me with putting the hearts onto the cookies!! Though they don't like NEWS as much as they did in the past anymore ;_;!!

So, careless me dropped half a tray of cookies and number 2 was one of them poor cookies ;_;! Luckily, we had the half-burnt number 2 candle!! XD I'm glad they like my cookies!! Super happy!!

The rest also brought delicious treats like chocolate banana cookies, dorayaki and seaweed sesame-sauce salad!! Yummy!! Thankz!!

After attacking all the cake and food, it's time to clean the table and watch some Tego videos featured in the trivia questions earlier and then engage in some soccer activity! Tego's favourite sports!

We used a very light beach ball as the soccer ball, lol!! Difficult!! So, 4 in one team, we passed the beach ball in an anti-clockwise fashion with our legs and counted each pass in one minute. Our team was alright during practice but when it's the actual one, we lost to the other team!! Lol!! XD They're really good!!

They won 2 shop photos each! XD

Our next activity was painting!! Lol!! Yessss, something that Tego is extremely bad at but always do in the magazines. Lol!! XD

Screencaps are taken from the credits in the images themself.

D-chan let me watch the ItteQ episode where Tego went to France for two or three days to learn glitter painting from the master! Thankz D-chan! I'm sorry for draining your battery!! (≧∇≦)

So D-chan prepared two A3 black papers and a photocopy of her ItteQ calendar for each of us, multiple paintbrushes and three bottles of silver paint! And we used less than half an hour to finish painting it. Lol..

Here's my painting~!

I used like.. I dunno, 10mins?! Lol! It's been hundreds of years since I last painted, so I just tried my best and didn't do much to try to edit (dekinai kedo, lol) or draw a second piece, lol!! XD

All 7 paintings! XD The bottom right was the copy of the actual painting Tego did in front of a live audience on ItteQ!! I'm so proud of him!! From a super bad artist who draws his fellow Johnny's badly on magazines to a very presentable 7-minute-glue-n-glitter painting?!! Only Tego can perform such a dramatic improvement!! He's amazing!!

We voted for the Best Painting and the Painting with the Most Personality, lol!!!!!! XD

I won the Best Painting award! Thank you everyone!!!!!!!! XD

The prize is Tego's latest endorsement, Knorr instant pumpkin soup!!

There, that's the older one I saw in Japan this August but didn't buy!! The tomato soup~~ That's the prize for @eiennofiesta who won the Painting with the Most Personality!! XD Yay!!

We took photos and then cleaned up everything!

It was a great event and I'm glad I attended it!! Thankz to all the fellow Singaporean Chankapaana-tachi!!!!!!


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