Thursday, 26 March 2009 @ 23:55

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 26.3.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
25.3.09 1850h

Minasan ikaga osugoshi desu ka?
Boku wa bochi bochi desu.
Ashita mo ganbarimasu


How's everyone?
I'm working hard bit by bit.
I'll work hard tomorrow too

I really can't wait to hear NEWS' new song!! It sounds like a fun song in the CM!

I pre-ordered the Normal Edition, what about you? Hurry! XD

I think I'll only get it on the 12th of May or something.. Coincidentally, that's when Utada Hikaru's "This Is The One" English album is going to be released! I'm definitely buying that too, in the HMV locally, hoho!~ Love her so much, all her songs are always so nice! Don't miss this album, it's really good~ ^_~

Well, I'll be off to sleep then, GOOD NIGHT!! ♥

Wednesday, 25 March 2009 @ 23:28

Cartoon KAT-TUN 25.3.09 Epi 102

Guest is Becky again! ^_^

"I'm hungry"
"I'm sleepy"


OMG! NOSTALGIC!! They are challenging the eons-ago Super Mario!!



Nakamaru is good!

Kame is also not bad, haha~

They're time-attacking instead of scoring~

In the second round, Nakamaru beat himself~

Junno got the highest score among them~!

Kame got Nakamaru's old score, haha~

And Becky really sucks, hahaha! XD

So she had to do the forfeit! Drinking the super bitter tea!! LOL~!

In Jin's room, Jin and Kame are inside~! And in comes YANKUMI!! LOL~!! Becky does a nice impression of the real Yankumi! So funny!

Then she said she'd love to listen to students' troubles, lol~ So she pulled in two troubled students, and they asked them about love stuff, haha~

Then "Yankumi" talked about what kind of guys she likes.

Commercial time, KimuTaku's LEVI's ad and it's so super cool!! He can jump and fly! So damn handsome, haha XD

Becky says that she plans to focus on work for now and use the energy needed in a love relationship to focus on work, so it will be 200%, haha~ She said that it's fine to have only one love in her life, there's no need to be in a lot of relationship~

Then she left with the "students"~ Then Kame said something that made Jin go, "HUH?!" wahahahaha!! SO CUTE!

Kame said that his reaction should be "something the student mentioned", lol!

Ah, Jin should have done what Kame asked, HEHE! XD

In Koki's room, it's rappers' gathering~ They did the "nanana" thing, haha~~

There's an emergency announcement regarding KAT-TUN's 7-day concert this May! It says that it will be announced soon!

Next week, the "Guu" woman is gonna be the guest!! OMG! I love her! She's soooooo funny!! Hahaha! XD

Remember to tune in next week yo! GOOD NIGHT, MY DEAR! ^_~ ♥

Tuesday, 24 March 2009 @ 00:56

KAT-TUN 4th Album?!

Check this out! I was browsing for things to buy in [coz I was pre-ordering NEWS Koi no ABO single] and I found this!!

Title To Be Determined (First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)
Our Price: US$32.99 [~S$49.91]
Expected release date: April 29, 2009

KAT-TUN、約1年ぶりとなるニューアルバムはこの間に彼らが放った「DON’T U EVER STOP」、「White X'mas」(Album Version)、「ONE DROP」、「RESCUE」の4曲のNo.1ヒットシングルはもちろんこと、メンバーそれぞれのパーソナリティが際立つソロ作品6曲を含む、新録の11 曲を加えたトップクオリティの全15曲を収録。



初回限定盤: [Limited Edition]
01 全15曲収録 [all 15 songs]
02 Special Booklet(仮称・ページ数未定)封入予定 [amount of pages is not decided yet]

KAT-TUN, in the new album after about 1 year, the 4 No. 1 songs, 「DON'T U EVER STOP」, 「White X'mas」(Album Version), 「ONE DROP」, 「RESCUE」 that they released in-between and also 6 solo songs from the different-personalities members are included, 11 newly-recorded songs, a total of 15 top quality songs.

The production of the album is by world quality song writers, musicians and creators. They give full support to KAT-TUN on the scale, amount of people and the unbeatable live performances!

My translation is lousy, sorry.. x.X

Anyway.. WHAT IS THIS??!! Look at the date!! It's gonna crash with NEWS' Koi no ABO!! What is happening!? Usually Johnny's boys don't crash!!

And this piece of news is not found in KAT-TUN's J-One page! I dunno what's happening, so we'll just have to wait..

Monday, 23 March 2009 @ 13:42

NEWS 11th Single — 恋のABO 2009.04.29 Release!!

2009.04.29 Release

■初回生産限定盤:JECN-0184~185 [Limited Edition]
☆CD収録楽曲☆(全2曲+Backing Track 1曲)

M1:恋のABO [Koi no ABO]
作詞:zopp 作曲:adult education
作 セリフ&コール:コヤマP

M2:ラビリンス [RABIRINSU]
作詞: zopp 作曲:藤末樹

M3:恋のABO (オリジナル・カラオケ) [Original Karaoke]

☆DVD収録内容☆(約30分収録) [DVD contents -- about 30 minutes]

・Happy Birthday
・ガンガンガンバッテ [GAN GAN GANBATTE]
・裸足のシンデレラボーイ [Hadashi no Cinderella Boy]

●初回盤仕様 [Limited Edition Details]
①12Pブックレット [12-page Booklet]
②DVD付き [DVD included]

■通常盤:JECN-0186 [Normal Edition]

作曲・編曲:Shusui, Fredrik Hult, Carl Utbult, Thomas G:son


●通常盤仕様 [Normal Edition Details]
①3面6Pジャケット [3-face 6 page jacket]
②「OPEN YOUR EYES」収録(初回盤未収録) [Not included in the Limited Edition]
③「Share (LIVE at TOKYO DOME)」収録
(初回盤未収録)[Not included in the Limited Edition]

WOOHOO! The new RUSS-K CM looks great!! The song is very cool too! I can't wait to hear the full version!!

Looking at the Normal Edition, you can see "OPEN YOUR EYES".. Isn't that something that Ryo has sung before? I have it in my computer, it was prolly ripped by someone watching one of the Shounen Club episodes years ago.

It's a very "Ryo" song, very nice~ ^_^

Argh, which one should I buy?! In the Limited Edition, there's the DVD and one can see the MC~~~

But in Normal Edition, there's the "Share" that was only heard in the concert!! By the way, the idea of every member pitching in to write a song is actually Shige's and he's sad that no one is noticing that fact, haha.. The title "Share" is Ryo's idea~ A nice name indeed! Because they made the song together! ♥ Member-ai~~!

The ABO in "Koi no ABO" should be talking about blood types~ Blood types is quite important in Japan, as is horoscope in our culture~ And the monologue is made by Koyama and YamaP! Hence the name you see: コヤマP = KoYamaP

Cool name! ♥

I think.. I'll buy the Normal Edition, because I'll buy their concert DVD when it comes out anyway~! Hehe, problem solved~ ^_~♥

-- Pre-order the Limited Edition!!
-- Pre-order the Normal Edition!!

Sunday, 22 March 2009 @ 23:17

関ジャニ∞ 3rd Album — PUZZLE 2009.04.15 Release!!

2009.04.15 Release

■初回限定盤(CD+DVD):TECI-8007 [Limited Edition]
¥3,700(tax in)
※特製パズルBOX仕様 [Special-made Puzzle Box]
※初回プレス限定 メイキングフォトブック付き [Includes the "Making of" Photobook]
■通常盤(CD+CD):TECI-8008 [Normal Edition]
¥3,200(tax in)
※特殊パッケージ仕様 [Special Package]

初回盤収録楽曲 [Limited Edition Contents]

[CD]※初回限定盤・通常盤共通 [Limited and Normal Editions]

01 一秒 KISS [Ichibyou {1 second} KISS]

02 アカイシンキロウ [Akai {Red} Shinkirou]

03 パズル [PUZZLE]

04 渇いた花 [Kawaita {Dried} Flower]

05 ゴリゴリ [Gorigori]

06 イッツ マイ ソウル [It's My Soul]

07 ローリング・コースター [Rolling Coaster]

08 My Last Train

09 無責任ヒーロー [Musekinin {Irresponsible} Hero]

10 ブリュレ [BURYURE]

11 咲いて生きよ [Sa ite ikiyo]

12 ギガマジメ我ファイト [Gigamajime ware FAITO {Fight}]

13 情熱 Party [Jounetsu {Passionate} Party]

14 ワッハッハー [Wahaha]

15 どんなに離れてたって傍にいるから [Donna ni hanaretetatte soba ni iru kara]


01 Glorious(渋谷すばる / 錦戸亮 / 大倉忠義) [Shibutani Subaru/Nishikido Ryo/Ookura Tadayoshi]

02 Kicyu(横山裕 / 安田章大) [Yokoyama You/Yasuda Shota]

03 YOU CAN SEE(村上信五 / 丸山隆平) [Murakami Shingo/Maruyama Ryuuhei]

04 Making of PV

05 Making of PUZZLE

通常盤収録楽曲 [Normal Edition Contents]

[CD1]※初回限定盤・通常盤共通 [Limited and Normal Editions]

01 一秒 KISS

02 アカイシンキロウ

03 パズル

04 渇いた花

05 ゴリゴリ

06 イッツ マイ ソウル

07 ローリング・コースター

08 My Last Train

09 無責任ヒーロー

10 ブリュレ

11 咲いて生きよ

12 ギガマジメ我ファイト

13 情熱 Party

14 ワッハッハー

15 どんなに離れてたって傍にいるから


01 words / 渋谷すばる [Shibutani Subaru]

02 no-no-no / 大倉忠義 [Ookura Tadayoshi]

03 アイライロ / 安田章大 [AIRAIRO / Yasuda Shota]

04 One's shadow / 村上信五 [Murakami Shingo]

05 ワンシャン・ロンピン / 丸山隆平 [Wanshan Ronpin / Maruyama Ryuuhei]

06 413man / 横山裕 [Yokoyama You]

07 Half Down / 錦戸亮 [Nishikido Ryo]

Wow, nice! Puzzle box! Argh, should I buy?! Hahaha~~~~

But then, there's the CD2, in the Normal Edition, that contains solo songs from all of them!!

OMG!! That's why Johnny old man is so rich, coz fans will buy both versions!! OMG!!

Anyway, one title is especially interesting! It's Maru's solo!! It's actually the pronunciation of his name in Chinese!! SO CUTE LA!!

I wanna listen to all the songs!! Maybe.. maybe.. I should buy..?! Should I?! OMG, I dunno!!

-- Pre-order the Limited Edition!
-- Pre-order the Normal Edition!

Can't wait to hear the songs!! ♥

Friday, 20 March 2009 @ 22:40

NEWS 11th Single — 恋のABO 2009.04.29 Release!!

OMG OMG OMG!! Finally NEWS got something new for us!!

O my MONEY!! Hahahaha XD

Edit: Wowee! NEWS have a new CM for RUSS-K!! The song, of course, is 恋のABO!! Click!

Thursday, 19 March 2009 @ 23:43

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 19.3.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
18.3.09 1157h

Nishikido desu.

Saikin wa attakaku nattekimashita ne.
Kimochii pokapoka youki desu yo. Sonna Yasuda-kun mo Aoyama Gekijou de ganbatte masu. Kagotsurube.

Bokura mo TSUAA yarimasu.

Kanjani∞ wo mita koto aru hito nai hito, wake hedate na tanoshimeru you ganbatte yarikire tara nato


Minasan asobi ni kite ne


Good evening
I'm Nishikido.

It's becoming warmer recently, isn't it.
The weather is the kind that is warm and makes one feel great. In this weather, Yasuda-kun is also working hard at Aoyama Gekijou. Kagotsurube.

We're also starting our tour.

For people who have seen or haven't seen Kanjani∞ before, without differentiating, try my hardest for you to come and watch happily

I will work hard.

Everyone, please come and play

-- "Kagotsurube" is the name of the theatre that Yasuda Shota is acting in, along with Kazama Shunsuke.

I miss Ryo so damn much.. I feel so deprived T_T And with KAT-TUN-overload, lol XD

But K8 is starting their tour!

And NEWS are having meetings, according to P in his Jwebs!

Argh, if only I can go and attend their concert!! T_T

Kanjani8 is coming out with a new album! I'm sure you already know that, hoho~ I'll be posting about it soon, with the cover pictures! XD

So then, good night~!! ♥

Wednesday, 18 March 2009 @ 23:11

Cartoon KAT-TUN 18.3.09 Epi 101

Guest is Becky!

She's dressed up so funnily, haha~! She has a huge list of monomane and she says she's very confident and wants to be a monomane artiste, haha!

Kame, Ueda and Taguchi say that her Mickey impersonation is the best out of all, haha!

Then she rushed out of the room, haha~ She went to another room as Mojako. There are Jin, Kame, Koki and Nakamaru. Mojako says that she is super fan of Johnny's boys. But she couldn't name all members in Hey!Say!JUMP, haha~

Then they started the PK of intro. She knows all the SMAP songs! Hahaha~~! So Koki said that rather than saying she likes Johnny's, she likes SMAP! Haha~~!

She said she's been to the same SMAP concert 5 times, haha! And others likes V6 and NEWS but KAT-TUN.. Then they started to say something and she said something like, "It's not like we're friends or anything" hahaha!! XD Becky is so funny haha XD

In the preview, Becky is reliving the Yankumi memory in us! She made Jin and Kame laugh so hard, lol~ I wanna see! She also led them in a Nanana dance.. ?! XD

Becky is in Cartoon KAT-TUN because she is releasing her photobook, haha~ Ah, she's quite cute and pretty and I love a humourous girl~! She's almost exactly one year older than me~! ^_^♥

5 April 9pm, KAT-TUN will be on TV again! Be sure to check it out! I'll be in Taiwan though! Argh, I hope I can somehow get to watch it..?!

Ah, I realised that I didn't watch the most important episode, last week's!! T_T I'll find a way to watch it!!

Ja, oyasuminasai! ♥

Thursday, 12 March 2009 @ 20:30

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 12.3.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
11.3.09 1647h

Minasan. Konbanwa. Nishikido desu.

Gozonji to omowaremasu ga ARUBAMU ga hatsubai saremasu

Machi ni matta ARUBAMU desu ne.
BORYUUMU tappuri no suteki na naiyou to natte orimasu.

Kitai shite ite kudasai.


Everyone. Good evening. I'm Nishikido.

I think everyone knows this already
The release of the album is decided

An anticipated album, isn't it.
The content will be very rich in volume.

Please look forward to it.

Yeah, the 15 April PUZZLE!! It think it's got 15 songs!!

But I'm seriously poor, especially so since I'm going to Taiwan on the 3rd of April!! XD Let's see if I can get it there, hehe!

A lot of young Taiwanese are fans of Japanese culture and entertainment, just like us! There are shops and shopping malls filled with Japanese stuff! I'm gonna go crazy there! Hahaha XD

Saturday, 7 March 2009 @ 23:49

RESCUE -- Message from the members!

This post will be updated till all of KAT-TUN have written their message!


To commemorate the release of single 「RESCUE」, here are messages from KAT-TUN to you.
This will be update at any time, please look forward to it!

Nakamaru Yuuichi

For now, the video clip is done, it means a lot to me, I wish for everyone to watch it

Then, the heartbeat sound in the intro!
My human beatbox was recorded, but nobody realised it so it's a pity (laughs) Please take note and listen to it!

And, please also take note of the coupling!
『7DAYS BATTLE』 is a song that is concerning our 7-day continuous live concert in Tokyo Dome
『On Your Mind-Please come back to me-』 is the answer song to the 『On My Mind』 recorded in the previously-released single 『ONE DROP』

This single 『RESCUE』 is a piece of work that is full of characteristics, please buy it, listen and watch it!

Ueda Tatsuya

There is a lot of dancing in the video clip!

A lot of CG was used too, I think it will be fun

There is also coupling, please also listen to that!

Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu
Please listen!

Without anymore superfluous words, please listen

Tanaka Koki

『RESCUE』 has the feeling of speed, the movie is also cool like a movie!

Then, isn't there a coupling song 『On Your Mind-Please come back to me-』?
That is the answer song to the coupling song 『On My Mind』 in the single 『ONE DROP』.
It was written such that the lyrics is like answering the questions at the same position!

『7DAYS BATTLE』 is named because of our 1-week live concert in Tokyo Dome, "Isshuu kan tatakau [*1-week battle]".
This song will be in your care to become cool!

Taguchi Junnosuke

Because it's been a long time since the 6 of us danced in the filming of video clips, it felt good
First time doing it together with dancer-san, 「It's so grand, it's great!」, I thought

Everyone did their best and danced, [-sentence that i don't understand-]

『7DAYS BATTLE』 was written with the concert in mind, that's why [-don't understand T_T-].

『On Your Mind-Please come back to me-』 is made to be the answer song of 『On My Mind』, please take note of the coupling songs too and I'm happy

Akanishi Jin

Finally the single 『RESCUE』 is going on sale ne

The song and the video clip is cool yo
Dance etc, we danced quite a lot
Please look forward to it especially the video clip

Kamenashi Kazuya

[-too tired, falling sick, will continue tomorrow, sorry girls!]

Friday, 6 March 2009 @ 08:43

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 5.3.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
5.3.09 xxxxh


Good evening

I'm Nishikido

Firstly, for causing such a big commotion, I'm really sorry.
Just like the reports said, towards the injured person, I will sincerely do my part.

From here onwards, I will be more conscientious and responsible about my actions and work hard.

Ah, I forgot about it last night.. x.X Sorry!

Ryo ryo ryo ryo ryo, be more careful ok? Even though I don't know the details, I think he is good in handling it because he didn't talk about it in his post~

Ganbatte!! ♥

I'm off to work, bye~!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009 @ 23:07

Cartoon KAT-TUN 4.3.09 Epi 99

A suspicious man in red jacket, carrying a silver suitcase, 175cm tall, middle-aged is reported on their TV news. He robbed 1 billion dollars! LOL

Just as the news finished, he entered Jin's room! Jin, Taguchi and Nakamaru are in there and everything they asked him, it fits the description on the news earlier, haha damn funny!!

When the news appear a second time, the man made a hasty exit! LOL~

In Ueda's room, Kame, Koki and Ueda are watching the news too and the man came in!! Their expressions are even funnier!! XD

They tried to catch the man stealing red-handed! By leaving Kame's wallet on the bench and they "leave the room", wahaha~ The man thought nobody's watching and went to act as if he's not picking up the wallet, so funny! The 3 cuties come in suddenly, scaring him, haha XD

They played Daruma-san and caught the guy red-handed as he picked up Kame's wallet finally! But he made some excuse and then they demanded to see his suitcase, haha~~~ What's inside the suitcase?! XD

RESCUE came on~~ I love JIN~! ♥ I think that he sings very well, all the time!! ♥ I love his harmony with Kame in all the songs~~~~~! And in this song, he and Nakamaru sounds good too!! To be honest, I like RESCUE more than ONE DROP~ Dunno why, just a feeling, haha~

OMG, the moment every Akame fan is waiting for! I'm not an Akame fan, but they really have no interaction at all anywhere they go on TV!!

It will only be aired next week!!

Mata raishuu!!


Ryo accident latest 3.3.09

News 01 -- Sakei @ MSN

追突事故のNEWS錦戸亮、書類送検へ 活動自粛はせず
2009.3.3 08:07














News 02 -- Tokyograph

Ryo Nishikido causes three-car fender bender
Tue, March 3, 2009 (1:54am EST)

NEWS and Kanjani8 member Ryo Nishikido (24) caused a minor car accident on March 1st in Tokyo's Minato ward. The accident involved two other cars and resulted in one injury.

At around 3:45pm on Sunday, Nishikido was driving on Shuto Expressway 3 around Roppongi. The route ahead of him was congested with traffic, and Nishikido rear-ended a car at the tail end of the traffic. Due to the impact, that car also collided with the vehicle in front of it. Nishikido was not injured, but the passenger of the middle car, a woman in her sixties, suffered a neck injury that is expected to take a week to heal. All three cars also received damage to their bumpers.

According to police, Nishikido was at fault for not watching where he was going. His agency said that he had been careless in taking his eyes off the road and he was unable to brake in time. The police plan to file the case with the prosecutor's office.

Nishikido had been driving because it was his day off. He said that he will completely refrain from driving for now.


News 03 --

2009.3.3 05:02







I didn't translate them, 1. honestly, I'm tired to read onscreen, haha.. 2. my Japanese level is still not there yet~

I think he'll be fined at the most.. I think he visited the injured lady and apologised.

Ahhh~~~ Be safe, Ryo~ ♥

Tuesday, 3 March 2009 @ 23:59

KAT-TUN MANUAL — Akanishi Jin — 3.3.09


jin akanishi MANUAL.35

Long time no see everyone, I'm Akanishi.

How was Valentine's Day? What did you get or what did you give?

I was thinking I wouldn't be receiving anything this year but at this moment, I received somethingwhooooooo
Ah~Feel happy~It's even hand-made
Though it's from someone small whom I know
Indeed, it's better to receive hand-made gifts than things that are bought~
I think that everyone, too, should give such gifts to someone whom you're spending quality time with and he/she will definitely be happy
Ah, then my parents also, out of habit, gave me Whiskey bonbons. That's why, the total for this year is two

Medetashi medetashi

Everyone, too, live everyday having fun~


-- "or", "whooooooo", "Ciao" were written in English

What's "medetashi"?! LOL~

Jin's so cute~ Is he seriously without a girlfriend right now? Haha~

Ah, it's nice to see Jin's post on my birthday, haha~!! ♥

So then, good night, my dear reader! ^_^♥

Monday, 2 March 2009 @ 22:16

Ryo accident latest






Both of them basically mean that Ryo will be suspended from driving for half a year, by order of Johnny grandpa.

OMG~! BIG PHEW~! Big sigh of relief!!

His suspension from activities is gonna be a huge loss, Johnny is indeed smart.

I'm glad he has "suspended from driving" as punishment only! Look on the bright side, he'll be chauffeured around for half a year, haha..

Ryo! Don't make us worry like this again!!

Ah~ So happy now~~~~~

Ryo was involved in an accident yesterday!!

2009.3.2 18:21






Seriously Very Loose Translation by Haru

NEWS Nishikido-san, highway accident
2 March 2009 6:21pm
This news topics: Unfortunate Happenings of Artistes

Nishikido-san(24), a member of the idol group 「NEWS」, was involved in a highway accident in Tokyo yesterday.

The traffic division is investigating the possibility that Nishikido-san might not be paying enough attention while driving.

1 March, about 3:45pm, Nishikido-san hit the unmoving cars in the traffic jam on the highway in Roppongi. That crash sent the car in front to hit the car in front of it, making it a chain accident. A lady in her 60's was slightly hurt in the neck. Nishikido-san was not hurt.


What's this?! OMG, I'm glad Ryo was not hurt in this incident!!

Don't suddenly come out with this kind of thing, we'll be worried to death!!

I hope he will be fine! Just pay a fine or something and get it over and done with..


Poor old lady.. I hope she's fine!!

I've heard the SMAP's Goro was suspended from activities for about 6 months for causing a traffic accident!

I dunno what Johnny grandpa is gonna do with our Ryo.. I'm so worried! I will be depressed for as long as he is *touch wood* suspended! T_T

*crosses fingers for my dear Ryo*