Wednesday, 18 March 2009 @ 23:11

Cartoon KAT-TUN 18.3.09 Epi 101

Guest is Becky!

She's dressed up so funnily, haha~! She has a huge list of monomane and she says she's very confident and wants to be a monomane artiste, haha!

Kame, Ueda and Taguchi say that her Mickey impersonation is the best out of all, haha!

Then she rushed out of the room, haha~ She went to another room as Mojako. There are Jin, Kame, Koki and Nakamaru. Mojako says that she is super fan of Johnny's boys. But she couldn't name all members in Hey!Say!JUMP, haha~

Then they started the PK of intro. She knows all the SMAP songs! Hahaha~~! So Koki said that rather than saying she likes Johnny's, she likes SMAP! Haha~~!

She said she's been to the same SMAP concert 5 times, haha! And others likes V6 and NEWS but KAT-TUN.. Then they started to say something and she said something like, "It's not like we're friends or anything" hahaha!! XD Becky is so funny haha XD

In the preview, Becky is reliving the Yankumi memory in us! She made Jin and Kame laugh so hard, lol~ I wanna see! She also led them in a Nanana dance.. ?! XD

Becky is in Cartoon KAT-TUN because she is releasing her photobook, haha~ Ah, she's quite cute and pretty and I love a humourous girl~! She's almost exactly one year older than me~! ^_^♥

5 April 9pm, KAT-TUN will be on TV again! Be sure to check it out! I'll be in Taiwan though! Argh, I hope I can somehow get to watch it..?!

Ah, I realised that I didn't watch the most important episode, last week's!! T_T I'll find a way to watch it!!

Ja, oyasuminasai! ♥

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