Wednesday, 4 March 2009 @ 23:07

Cartoon KAT-TUN 4.3.09 Epi 99

A suspicious man in red jacket, carrying a silver suitcase, 175cm tall, middle-aged is reported on their TV news. He robbed 1 billion dollars! LOL

Just as the news finished, he entered Jin's room! Jin, Taguchi and Nakamaru are in there and everything they asked him, it fits the description on the news earlier, haha damn funny!!

When the news appear a second time, the man made a hasty exit! LOL~

In Ueda's room, Kame, Koki and Ueda are watching the news too and the man came in!! Their expressions are even funnier!! XD

They tried to catch the man stealing red-handed! By leaving Kame's wallet on the bench and they "leave the room", wahaha~ The man thought nobody's watching and went to act as if he's not picking up the wallet, so funny! The 3 cuties come in suddenly, scaring him, haha XD

They played Daruma-san and caught the guy red-handed as he picked up Kame's wallet finally! But he made some excuse and then they demanded to see his suitcase, haha~~~ What's inside the suitcase?! XD

RESCUE came on~~ I love JIN~! ♥ I think that he sings very well, all the time!! ♥ I love his harmony with Kame in all the songs~~~~~! And in this song, he and Nakamaru sounds good too!! To be honest, I like RESCUE more than ONE DROP~ Dunno why, just a feeling, haha~

OMG, the moment every Akame fan is waiting for! I'm not an Akame fan, but they really have no interaction at all anywhere they go on TV!!

It will only be aired next week!!

Mata raishuu!!


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