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KAT-TUN MANUAL — Akanishi Jin — 3.3.09


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Long time no see everyone, I'm Akanishi.

How was Valentine's Day? What did you get or what did you give?

I was thinking I wouldn't be receiving anything this year but at this moment, I received somethingwhooooooo
Ah~Feel happy~It's even hand-made
Though it's from someone small whom I know
Indeed, it's better to receive hand-made gifts than things that are bought~
I think that everyone, too, should give such gifts to someone whom you're spending quality time with and he/she will definitely be happy
Ah, then my parents also, out of habit, gave me Whiskey bonbons. That's why, the total for this year is two

Medetashi medetashi

Everyone, too, live everyday having fun~


-- "or", "whooooooo", "Ciao" were written in English

What's "medetashi"?! LOL~

Jin's so cute~ Is he seriously without a girlfriend right now? Haha~

Ah, it's nice to see Jin's post on my birthday, haha~!! ♥

So then, good night, my dear reader! ^_^♥

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