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RESCUE -- Message from the members!

This post will be updated till all of KAT-TUN have written their message!


To commemorate the release of single 「RESCUE」, here are messages from KAT-TUN to you.
This will be update at any time, please look forward to it!

Nakamaru Yuuichi

For now, the video clip is done, it means a lot to me, I wish for everyone to watch it

Then, the heartbeat sound in the intro!
My human beatbox was recorded, but nobody realised it so it's a pity (laughs) Please take note and listen to it!

And, please also take note of the coupling!
『7DAYS BATTLE』 is a song that is concerning our 7-day continuous live concert in Tokyo Dome
『On Your Mind-Please come back to me-』 is the answer song to the 『On My Mind』 recorded in the previously-released single 『ONE DROP』

This single 『RESCUE』 is a piece of work that is full of characteristics, please buy it, listen and watch it!

Ueda Tatsuya

There is a lot of dancing in the video clip!

A lot of CG was used too, I think it will be fun

There is also coupling, please also listen to that!

Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu
Please listen!

Without anymore superfluous words, please listen

Tanaka Koki

『RESCUE』 has the feeling of speed, the movie is also cool like a movie!

Then, isn't there a coupling song 『On Your Mind-Please come back to me-』?
That is the answer song to the coupling song 『On My Mind』 in the single 『ONE DROP』.
It was written such that the lyrics is like answering the questions at the same position!

『7DAYS BATTLE』 is named because of our 1-week live concert in Tokyo Dome, "Isshuu kan tatakau [*1-week battle]".
This song will be in your care to become cool!

Taguchi Junnosuke

Because it's been a long time since the 6 of us danced in the filming of video clips, it felt good
First time doing it together with dancer-san, 「It's so grand, it's great!」, I thought

Everyone did their best and danced, [-sentence that i don't understand-]

『7DAYS BATTLE』 was written with the concert in mind, that's why [-don't understand T_T-].

『On Your Mind-Please come back to me-』 is made to be the answer song of 『On My Mind』, please take note of the coupling songs too and I'm happy

Akanishi Jin

Finally the single 『RESCUE』 is going on sale ne

The song and the video clip is cool yo
Dance etc, we danced quite a lot
Please look forward to it especially the video clip

Kamenashi Kazuya

[-too tired, falling sick, will continue tomorrow, sorry girls!]

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