Wednesday, 7 October 2009 @ 23:19

Cartoon KAT-TUN 7.10.09 Epi 130

It started 28minutes later than usual.. Started at about 11:28pm my time~

Gekiyasu 6780 en BASU TSUAA!
Super cheap 6780Yen bus tour!

The guest is Black Mayonnaise~! They're very funny when I saw them on Janiben!!

Kame, Koki and Ueda go on a trip with BuraMayo~ And a bunch of aunties!! XD

Their "super cheap" guide told them to definitely must bargain when getting the vegetables, haha! That's their first destination~ Hanayasai~ I dunno how to bargain XD

Everyone tries to get a lot of vegetables into one small bag!! The guide manages to get 3kg of carrots in the bag!! Koki gets a lot more!! XD

Koki and Ueda try to bargain with the auntie selling the vegetables! SO CUTE!! ^_^♥

BuraMayo tries the other method, the "FIGHT" method, haha!! So funny!! XD!! They fail but it's not because of the fight! XD

Boarding the bus again, the aunties all KARAOKE-ED! XD

Next, they go to a place where there are weird eggs!! And free tryings too! There's also a fortune teller!

Kame succeeds ♥♥ but BuraMayo.. Well, they used the "FIGHT" method again, haha!

Next week, there's part 2!! Tune in!

O, tonight at 1:36am Japan time, on TV Asahi, Kanjani8's new variety show will begin!! But it's too late for me.. I have early classes tomorrow! T_T!!

Good night!! ♥

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