Friday, 30 October 2009 @ 21:55

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 29.10.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
27.10.09 1815h

Nishikido desu.
Ima kami kittemasu.

Otokomae ni narimasu


I'm Nishikido.
Cutting hair now.

I will become a man

Sorry for the late translation!

LOL! @ his last statement! Actually "otokomae" is to describe a cool/handsome man. ^_^

He already is!! XD ♥

What will his new hairstyle be like?! I can't wait to see!!


aenah said...

hi... im new here... haruloku.... i want to see the original jweb of ryo nishikido... where can i see it? pls... eventhough i dont understand japanese yet... it makes me really happy when i find it.. pls help me... thanks... actually i want to post a happy birthday greetings for him this comming nov. 3, 09... thanks...

HaruLoku said...

hi, aenah~

firstly, thankz for leaving me a message ^_^

I'll quote the explanation from []

Johnny's Web (J-Web) is a cellphone web service available only for cellphone users with a Japanese cellphone operator. This service started its operations in 12 May 2003, and it's a special web (accessible only through cellphones) that contains a lot of information regarding Johnny's artists, such as concert/activities information, limited goods pre-order, and each artists' personally written/uploaded web diaries.

Monthly fee for this service is 300 JPY (excl. tax)

This is only available IN JAPAN. If you do not live in Japan then this service will not be available on your cellphone.


there, we can never read jweb unless we live in Japan.

and it's 12midnight at my place, so yeah..


cya aenah!~

aenah said...

aok.. i understand now...hihihi thanks a lot, haru... i thought i can c it here in the web.. anywayz.. i better get japan visa as soon as possible... hehehe... so haru, where u from?... im from manila, philippines... like u, i do like ryo nishikido (everything about him) :P ... one of my greatest dream is to see him in person... i hope and pray that my dream will come true... nothing is impossible right, we are in the same planet, same sky, sun and stars... hehehe.. thanks a lot again... c u haru! :D

HaruLoku said...


yeah, me too, i also would like to see him in person~~ all the more so after watching the Diamond concert, omg, they're all soooooooooo cute~~~

i hope i can save enough money and go there one day, haha! and i'm working hard towards going to Japan by learning Japanese now, so yeah, i hope i can go there sooooooon!! cya there? hehe~

anyway, i'm from Singapore~ ^_^ we're Asians! yeah!! ^_^v XD

cya, aenah~ ^_^

aenah said...

hi, haru... i only watch the portion of ryo singing ordinary thru youtube... but sadly i cant find the full version of the diamond concert... i really do want to watch the full version...

by the way.. im also learning japanese but self study only.. i cant find japanese lessons here in my place that suits my schedules... im preparing my self that someday i can go there to Japan and meet ryo... (dreaming) hahaha... thanks haru.. until nxt time! :D

HaruLoku said...

u can download the entire Diamond concert HERE:

hmm i also self-studied.. but it's totally not enough at all.. the internet is only that good.. now that i've started real lessons, i realised how little i know.. so yeah, better find a good school soon, okay? GOOD LUCK!! ^_^

aenah said...

hi haru... :D did u see already the new look of ryo (new hairstyle) if you do.. pls share it with me huh... thanks... :D

HaruLoku said...

hi! well, i haven't seen his new hairstyle yet!! nothing from NEWS nor Kanjani8.. coz i didn't watch enough TV, haha!!