Thursday, 22 October 2009 @ 23:55

Ryo's NEWSmile Jweb 14.10.09

Theme -- Point to watch for in NEWS LIVE DIAMOND's ORIGINAL MUSIC CLIP!?
Nishikido Ryo

This time
About the completing of the ORIGINAL MUSIC CLIP
What I think is
Simple is best
That's it

Nothing to do with the trends
Watching it 10 years later
You won't think that it's out of fashion
Want to try that.

By the way
The guitar that I played in this video is the first guitar I bought.

But I totally don't use it much
Changed many parts of it.

Please watch that carefully ok

With that, I'm Nishikido Ryo.

10/14 ◆錦戸亮の巻◆

-- "Simple is best" was written in English.

Aww, so cute~~ He'll always write a bit more for the NEWSmile jwebs~ NEWS take turns to write it, but I don't know in what order unlike KAT-TUN where you know who's gonna write the following week.

So if I spot a NEWSmile, I'll try to translate it, hehe~ ^_^v

And OMG, he wrote in English! HAHA~ SO HAPPY~~~~~ I think he is very good with languages and if he decides to learn English and/or Mandarin vigorously, he can master them in no time! His pronunciation is very beautiful for the limited Mandarin that I heard him speak!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard, "I love you", his name, "I don't know", "Oolong tea", from him before and they're all very good!! ♥!

AH~~~ I love Ryo so much~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥

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